Tigers Justin Verlander: A Month For the Record Books


As you are firing up your barbeque and checking out the fireworks, contemplate these numbers: six and zero with an earned run average of under one.

That is what the Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander has accomplished during the month of June. The word “unbelievable” gets thrown around quite a bit in today’s world, but it works in this case. Verlander and C.C. Sabathia of the Yankees are the only two pitchers in the major leagues to compile eleven victories so far this season. In addition, Verlander does have the league lead with one hundred thirty strikeouts. This is simply just further evidence of his dominance thus far.

Detroit lefthander Phil Coke should take some notes when Verlander takes the hill because he was just relegated to bullpen duty. He has obtained only one victory this year and his earned run average is hovering near five. Rookie Charlie Furbush now will join the Tigers rotation. You probably are not familiar with the name of Danel Schlereth, but he was the poor soul who gave up two grand slams to the New York Mets earlier in the week. The club put him out of his misery and sent him down to Toledo for a tune up.

Justin Verlander has solidified himself as the frontrunner for the Cy Young award as the calendar changes over to July. He leads James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays by three strikeouts while the latter is not even in the top seven in the league in victories. Only one other pitcher in the league has double digit victories besides Sabathia and Verlander. Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox has been less dominant though since he is not among the league leaders in strikeouts. Verlander’s walk and hits per innings pitched is a staggering point eight six.

I know that it sounds like I have a man crush on Justin Verlander, but I haven’t seen this type of dominance in the American League since the days of good old Roger Clemens. I hope that Verlander can keep a better head on his shoulders and not suffer from hubris. Most importantly, all of the aforementioned statistics have assisted the Tigers in attaining the first place position in the American League Central by a half game over the Cleveland Indians.

I would be remiss if I did not mention any notable offensive production highlights. Miguel Cabrera is sitting pretty with a batting average of three thirty two. His seventeen home runs are impressive halfway through the season in a post-steroid era. His fifty six runs batted in are of the utmost importance for me because it is the most valuable offensive statistic in the game. There is nothing that chaps my glutinous maximus more than players who will hit a solo home run in a game and then hit into a double play or strikeout with multiple runners on base. Everything is coming up roses as the San Francisco Giants arrive in town. Their anemic offense should pose no threat to this new found juggernaut.

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  1. Bob Hrustyk says

    No man crush for Justin by me, just easy money at the book when he is the starting picture for the Tigers.

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