MLB Hires First Female Coach in Sport’s History


It is still the beginning of the year, but history has already been made in the MLB. While other game changers tend to happen later on in the year, this game-changer is already setting the pace.

The pace has been set for both female coaches and the MLB as a whole. With the shocking news that San Francisco Giants have hired a female coach.

From being a former softball star, Alyssa Nakken turned to the MLB. She is set to join the San Francisco Giants coaching staff.

This is news that has managed to shock the whole world, as this will be the first time ever when Major League Baseball has a female coach.

However, this does show some development in the sport when it comes to the acceptance of women. Furthermore, since things are changing with each passing day, it is no shock that the MLB has finally added a female coach as well.

In the same way that online casinos are changing with each passing day, we have sports changing as well.

What does this mean for female coaches?

Whenever history is being made, people are curious to see how it will impact the future. That is why even with is a bold move, people are curious to find out how things will change.

These will be changes for female coaches as well for the sport in general.  With Nakken taking on a full-time coaching position, female coaches around the world will be moved to aim higher.

These heights will go beyond coaching, as the women in the MLB and other major leagues will be motivated to aim for other managerial positions.

It’s all thanks to the San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler for giving the women in the MLB and other leagues stepping stone.  There’s no doubt that in future, online gambling sites will include this in the history book of sports.

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