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Commentators frequently refer to this time of year as a dead period. I couldn’t disagree more because it really gives me the time to pore over the numbers and action of the current WNBA season. Seriously, it does offer a pause to analyze the state of organizations and to ponder what should transpire in the future to maximize success.

I was browsing some sites online and I came across http://mlbcontracts.blogspot.com. It provided the genesis for this column and the necessary figures. Big contracts like those of Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer receive the vast majority of the ink from the mainstream media, but there are many more that are tendered without all the fan fare. The two situations that jumped out at me right away are the scenarios concerning closers Matt Capps and Joe Nathan. The former is bringing in seven and a half million this season while the latter is finishing up a four year forty seven million dollar offer.

Nathan does have a club option for next season for over twelve million. Since he voluntarily removed himself from finishing games, he must realize that this isn’t a logical decision for the organization to make. He certainly could receive the two million dollar buyout from the team and renegotiate from there or the Twins could go in a completely different direction by solely retaining Matt Capps or putting their trust in Glenn Perkins. Lefties are hot commodities in the bullpen and Lord knows that Minnesotans love their hometown heroes. The former Golden Gopher could solidify his legacy like Dave Winfield Terry Steinbach did before him.

All Star Michael Cuddyer is playing through the rest of the season for over ten million dollars. I have no problem with the organization resigning him, but the number of years should be a point of contention. The going rate for three years or less is fine, but the Twins shouldn’t get locked in for much longer than that because injuries tend to accumulate at this point of many careers.

There is also some question about how Cuddyer handled his foot issues during the off season. Outfielder Delmon Young is in uniform this season for about half of Cuddyer’s salary. The one year contract should be evidence that Young’s career hasn’t progressed as planned. The former overall number one pick should have much more security than this if he would have performed to his potential. Last year indicated that the club should sign another short term deal with him to see if he can catch lightning in a bottle once again.

When healthy, Jason Kubel has probably been the most productive hitter in the line-up. He is a free agent at the end of the season. The veteran has proven he is a natural and should garner big dollars if he has a clear bill of health. Lefthander Francisco Liriano should still only obtain a one year deal because his arm is always in question after the Tommy John surgery. He seems to either be an ace or a minor league pitcher. I guess it depends on what night you watch him.

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