The Best Horse Trainers To Bet On


10 Horse Trainers worth watching in 2021

When you are placing a bet on a horse, there are many different things you need to consider. 

These elements should include what type of race they are running, where they are running, who is riding them, and how well they have done so far this season. 

Another key element to consider when betting on a horse is who has trained that horse. 

Before we get started 

If you are new to the world of betting on horse racing then you should know that there are three different elements you need to consider the most when placing a bet: 

  • The horse 
  • The jockey 
  • The trainer 

Jockeys tend to ride multiple horses over their career and some horses can work with multiple jockeys. 

However, the most consistent part of a horse’s life is who they are trained by and where. 

It is not uncommon for trainers to have up to 10 horses training with them at once. Many of the larger trainers will do this in order to fund their training facilities and employ staff members. 

If you see that a horse has been trained by a successful trainer then it may be worth putting a bet on. Even if it is being ridden by a rookie or a fairly unknown rider.  

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Here are the 10 top horse trainers that you should be watching in 2021: 

#10 – Todd A. Pletcher

This year Todd A. Pletcher was voted into the United States Racing Hall of Fame and for good reason. He is one of the all-time most decorated horse trainers out there. 

Not only have his horses won hundreds of races between them. But he has also personally won a truckload of awards for his contribution to the world of horse training.  

Some of Pletcher’s most notable achievements include 5 consecutive titles at the Saratoga summer meet, 5 wins at the Kentucky Oaks (the most recent one being this year), and 6 Florida Derby wins. 

#9 – Bob Baffert

Two of Barrafert’s most notable winning horses are American Pharoah and Justify – both of whom one the Triple Crown (in 2015 and 2018 respectively).

Baffert has 8 Kentucky Derby wins under his belt (including a win this year, in 2020, and in 2018). His horses have won the Dubai World Cup 3 times. You may remember Silver Charm who was his first really successful Horse. 

Baffert was inducted into the United States Racing Hall of Fame in 2010. 

 #8 – Chad C. Brown

Between the years of 2015 and 2019 Chad C. Brown was awarded the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer. Only two people have won the award more times than Brown (Todd Pletcher being one of these). 

10 of Brown’s horses have been Eclipse Outstanding Horse winners. One of Brown’s horses one the Triple Crown in 2017 – Preakness Stakes. 

Brown is currently standing at 1800+ wins in his relatively young career. We expect to see this number significantly increase as the sport opens up again after the pandemic. 

#7 – Steven M. Asmussen

Steven M. Asmussen has 5 U.S. Champion Thoroughbred Trainer wins under his belt right now, as well as over 8000+ career wins. 

Although he had been having a quiet few years, since the start of 2020 he has been racking up Major wins across the States again. Most notably winning the Arkansas Derby in both 2020 and 2021. 

Steven M. Asmussen started training his first horse in 1986, since then he has broken multiple records including winning the most North American races in one year and being the highest earning North American trainer for multiple years on the trot. 

#6 – Gavin Cromwell 

Gavin Cromwell began training horses in 2005. Since then he has trained at least one Grand National winning horse, a Gold Cup winner, and an Olympic Gold Medal winner. 

Cromwell trained in both Australia and his home country of Ireland before starting his own stable. You may recognize his name as the trainer of ill-fated Espoir D’Allen (who died shortly after their biggest race win to date). 

That heartbreak has not slowed Cromwell down, Cromwell has won a few races in Ireland this year, and is now setting his eyes on some races in Mainland Europe.  

#5 – John Patrick Ryan 

Not only does Ryan share the exact same name as the infamous Tom Clancy character, but he has more than made a name for himself in the world of horse training. 

Kilcarry Bridge has been one of Ryan’s most successful horses, and in previous years has dominated the major Chase races in Europe. 

Ryan has 174 wins to his name (this is more impressive for a European trainer) and has trained under some of the all-time great Irish trainers. He got his own license in 2005 and went on to set up his own stables that year. 

#4 – W P Mullins 

W P Mullins has been one of the biggest names in European horse racing for decades. Before becoming a record breaking trainer, Mullins enjoyed a very successful career as a jockey, For many, it was only natural that he made the transition to trainer after retiring. 

Mullins is particularly famous for his dominance of the Cheltenham racing festival. Mullins’ horses have won a record breaking 78 titles at Cheltenham alone. When the next Cheltenham festival rolls around, if you’re not betting on at least one of Mullins’ horses then you are making a huge mistake. 

#3 – Henry de Bromhead 

If you have been following European horse racing this year, then you will probably recognize the name Henry de Bromhead. As his horse, Manilla Times won the 2021 Grand National. 

Henry de Bromhead comes from a family of incredibly successful horse trainers (his dad Harry also one a great number of titles). He took over the family stable in 2000. Since then he has had over 100 career wins. Including the Grand National, 15 wins at Cheltenham, and 4 Irish Championship Hurdle titles. 

With his win at the Grand National this year, de Bromhead really is one to watch. If you follow the Hurdles you will also be aware that his horse HoneySuckle is on an incredible winning streak right now. 

#2 – Brad H. Cox

The horses’ of Brad H Cox have over 1500+ career wins under their belt. While Cox has been dabbling with training since 2004, his career has really taken off since 2019. With all of his Major wins coming in the last three years. He wasn’t even considered an elite trainer until 2018. 

Cox is the current holder of the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer award. This year one of his horses won the Triple Crown and he had 4 horses win at the Breeder’s Cup last year. 

Looking at his 2020 and 2021 win rate, you’d be stupid not to put money on at least one of Cox’s horses this year. 

#1 – Mrs. D Foster 

Foster took over her stable from the illustrious Gordon Elliot in 2021, so you may be forgiven for not recognizing her name. 

Foster is a slightly controversial figure in European horse racing, as she had to serve a 1 year ban a few years ago. 

However, she is an experienced horse trainer, with many very talented horses in her stable. She is a great name to put some money on now before she becomes too widely known in the field and starts earning herself shorter odds. 


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