Place A Bet! 2020 Belmont Stakes Betting Trends For A More Solid Bankroll


Horse racing fans and bettors are in cloud nine as the Triple Crown races will now push through after a series of postponement. This year comes to a rare edition of the said racing show as the segments get interchanged. The Belmont Stakes will launch the season while the Kentucky Derby comes as the middle jewel, and the Preakness Stakes close it.  

As the  “Test of True Champion,” Belmont Stakes will feature the horses who will take their debut run in the Triple Crown races. It brings the betting games more interesting as the odd values become immensely stronger. With these, the fans and bettors can expect a more valued payout since the stakes are ultimately higher this year.  

Therefore, it is time to restructure your Belmont Stakes betting strategies to earn more when this event settles. Below are the Belmont Stakes betting Tips and trends that you can contemplate as soon you pick deserving entries to wager. It will also help you secure a more competitive betting game, which could make your experience a bit more thrilling. 

Don’t Forget The Favorites  

Now that the Belmont Stakes finds a new spot in this year’s Triple Crown show, it’s time to reconsider betting for the favorites. Although many racing experts have considered that betting for the favorites may not help you win, it is highly recommended this year. The Belmont Stakes will start on June 20, and there are only a few days left to formulate your odds.  

Aside from that, there are only sixteen horses allowed to saddle up in Belmont Park. With this, we are all expecting a stronger line-up of horses compared to the previous years. Thus, you should also review the past races of the horses you wanted to bet to make sure that they are capable of winning in the upcoming Run For The Carnations.  

Jockeys And Trainers Are Still Influential  

Apart from the horse’s strength, the jockeys, and the trainers remain influential in considering a Belmont Stakes winner. The trainers poured so much time and effort to handicap the right horse to compete in big stake races like the Triple Crown Series. So, it would be best if you bet for a horse that is under the wing of a seasoned trainer. 

The jockeys, on the other hand, are the ones who control the horses inside the field. Remember that even if you have the fastest horse inside the racing field, they won’t become successful until a good jockey knows how to direct them at the right speed. Make sure you also pick a horse with a jockey who has excellent horse racing achievements to secure your bets.  

Evaluate The Past Stakes Racing Achievements  

The Belmont and Triple Crown races are Grade 1 stakes racing competitions that feature all three-year-old colts saddling in the dirt track. As you go along and wager for the upcoming Belmont Stakes competition, make sure to gamble on the racehorses that emerged as victorious to synonymous racing tournaments in the past.  

Similarly, a horse who gained three or more stakes races placement and victories presents better betting conditions than those who only have fewer experiences. They are experienced in gradually increasing their speed in the racing field as they approach the finish line. Belmont Stakes has the longest racecourse, and the horse who got the highest endurance can sustain and win the game.  

Forget The Rest Time  

Every year, the Triple Crown is set to start during May and ends in June. However, this year comes with a different set-up where it will begin on June 20 and ends by October 3, 2020. So, the horses who wanted to run for these racing events have enough time to prepare and rest. Some are not even joining stakes races to get the right amount of rest. 

 Seasoned horse racing stallions adapt better to this busy schedule calendar despite the lack of leisure time to rest. For this reason, those who have had previous participation in back-to-back events have more chances of lasting in the race and winning the Triple Crown award. 

Speed Figures Still Count 

It may not sound important to some, but the speed figures of each Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown hopefuls this year are huge considerations when picking your bets. After all, the horses who carry the fastest speed inside the field wins the game.  

You can find the speed figures for every racehorse by reviewing their racing forms. At the same time, you can also find the racing shows they completed and their placements, so it can help you more in betting the best entry to wager.  


Belmont Stakes betting, like other horse race betting games, needs the right strategy and timing to win. You also need to take a closer look at each horse about their achievements and experiences to decide whether they are good bets. In the end, betting is like taking an examination, and you must review and know the basics for you to pass.  


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