NBC stops NJ Devils and NY Rangers from having viewing parties



Hockey fever for the Hudson River series? Ratings numbers say not so much. The New York Rangers vs. the New Jersey Devils NHL Eastern Conference Finals series is drawing low ratings. So low that NBC Sports is banning the teams from holding viewing parties in the visiting team’s Arena while the game is on.

From Fire and Ice:

NBC Sports blocked the Devils from holding a viewing party for their fans at Prudential Center for tonight’s Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals at Madison Square Garden after allowing them to hold one for Game 2 of the series last week.

The Rangers, who had a viewing party at the Garden for Game 4 on Monday night, also will not be permitted to have one for Friday’s Game 6 at The Rock.

A source said the decision was ratings related.

Neither the Devils nor NBC responded to requests for comment.

Kind of a buzzkill, right? A rather facist manuever by the network, don’t you think? Where are the real life Putty from Seinfelds (CUZ WE’RE THE DEVILS! THE DEVILS!) supposed to go now? Way to alienate your own fanbases, National Hockey League…via National Broadcasting Company. I guess few people west of Philadelphia care about this series.

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