Columbus Blue Jackets Fans get Finger from NHL Referee?



Did a NHL referee give a one-finger salute to fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets the other night? Possibly. Possibly not. Well, I’ve certainly learned in recent weeks about how to take criticism; never stoop down to your detractors’ level. I hope the official knows this as well.

From The Last Angry Sports Fan:

A bunch of fans in the 109 section of Nationwide Arena are saying that referee Paul Devorski taunted them before flipping them off via a subtle, but fairly obvious, obscene gesture.

During the Columbus Blue Jackets’ 4-3 shootout win over the Minnesota Wild, the group of fans started razzing Devorski over what they thought was a missed call.  Witnesses claim they were giving Devorski the business pretty good, as to be expected from the hometown fans when a call doesn’t go their way.  Referees, umpires and the like get this kind of treatment all the time—it’s one of the reasons that a thick-skin is a prerequisite for professional referees.

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