What To Consider When Getting A Bed For Your Newborn Baby


One of the most joyful and epoch-making events in the annals of a family’s history is the birth of a baby. The arrival of this new member of the family (or bundle of joy as the elated family members would love to put it) is greeted with a lot of merriment and fanfare as family members go all out in celebrating the successful new birth with numerous celebratory activities. 

However, along with these festive activities come a different set of activities of the ‘not so pleasant’ variety. These activities are geared towards taking care of the newborn baby and catering to its every need. When a baby is born, it is virtually helpless and vulnerable. It can simply do nothing on its own and needs constant care, monitoring, and support. These activities require a lot of sacrifice in terms of time and energy from the family members. 

As stressful as these things might seem, the family members usually do not mind. This is because they are convinced that their little one deserves absolutely the best not only in terms of care but also in material things. That is why they go all out in getting the baby the best clothes, toys, feeding materials, and so on. The item, however, that they splurge the most on is the baby’s first bed. This is because they consider it to be one of the essential things the baby would need. 

What Makes A Baby’s Bed So Important?

The bed of a newborn baby is very important. This is because other than the few moments the baby spends eating (or just crying for no reason), it spends virtually all its time sleeping. Since it spends most of the time asleep, premium care should be taken when choosing a bed for the baby as that where it will spend the majority of the earliest part of its life. There is a wide baby bedding range to choose from, but it is highly essential to consider certain factors before making up your mind on the type of bed you want for your baby. 

  Some factors to consider when choosing a baby bed include:

  • Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of the baby. When you want to get a bed for your baby, you need to ascertain the bed’s structural integrity and determine if it is strong enough to hold the baby and its weight. This is done because, as stated earlier, the baby will spend most of the earliest part of its life in that bed, and putting it in an unstable place increases the chance of the baby experiencing an accident and being exposed to danger. Ascertaining the safety of the baby’s bed according to the Crib Safety Guidelines set up by the Consumer Product Safety Commission can be the most significant factor in determining the type of bed the baby would be getting.

  • Space 

The size of the room where the baby’s bed is going to be kept can also go a long way in determining the type of bed the baby would use, and the reason is not far fetched; if the room where the bed is going to keep is too small for the bed, that bed can not be used for that baby (at least in that room). Hence, proper evaluation of the room size will help determine the type of bed that the baby would use.

Types Of Baby Beds

Baby beds (also known as cribs) have a lot of types and classifications but are based on functionality. They can be classified into: 

  • Classic

This type of bed is the standard, normal baby bed, which has been around for quite a while now. They are usually significant. 

  • Mini

This type of bed is way smaller than the classic bed and helps those who want to use small rooms to house the baby and its bed.

  • Convertible 

This type of bed is designed so that it can be unraveled as the baby is growing to capture its size. This bed can be unraveled so many times that it can accommodate the baby’s size all the way from its infancy to the adult stage.

When a baby is born, so many things are going at once, but one thing that cannot be overlooked is choosing a comfortable bed for the safe and spacious baby. 

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