5 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Be Active



Do you want your children to be more active and get out and about exercising more? Here are some tips to do so.

  1. Be a Fitness Role Model to Your Children 

One of the best ways to keep your kids active is to start being active. Keep in mind that kids usually imitate their parents’ behaviors and incorporating physical activity into your life will keep them active. Keeping your kids active is easier if you are active. The American Heart Association recommends that children get at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. 

If you are too busy to incorporate a formal exercise regimen into your routine, then consider sneaking extra physical activity into your normal routine: park your car further from the grocery store entrance, take the stairs or wash your car by yourself instead of opting for an automatic car wash. If you become active, your kids will most likely imitate your behavior and follow suit. 


  1. Don’t Turn Exercise Into Punishment 

If you turn exercise into punishment, your kids will see exercise as an unpleasant activity. This will make it hard for you to encourage your kids to be active. Make exercise enjoyable so that your kids can look forward to it. For instance, instead of punishing your child by telling him or her to do push-ups, use exercises to reward your child for good behavior or when they accomplish something. 

Some of the best ways to use exercise to reward your child include allowing extra time in the pool, a special trip to a rock climbing gym, or a bike ride through the neighborhood as a family. This approach is very good as it will make your kids develop a positive attitude towards fitness through to their adulthood.

  1. Don’t Force Your Child to Play Organized Sports 

Forcing your child to play organized sports will make him or her take part in a sport that they do not enjoy. This is because it will make your child develop a negative attitude towards the sport you are forcing them to play. The good news is that there are many ways to incorporate exercise for a child that don’t involve organized sports. 

Walking the dog or running around the yard while playing water balloon fights can also keep your kids active. The key to keeping your kids active is to choose an activity or activities that appeal to their talents and interests. Perhaps enrol them into a football camp UK.

  1. Make Chores Appealing to Your Kids 

You can encourage your kids to be more active by gamifying chores. Many kids love the opportunity to pick their flowers or vegetables to go into the garden. Also, consider giving your kids their section of the garden to encourage them to go outside and become physically active on a daily basis watering plants and doing things like weeding on the weekends. 

Remember the sunscreen. When you go back inside the house, see who can clean faster or time your kid regularly to see if he or she can beat his or her record for cleaning or vacuuming their room.


  1. Bring a Buddy 

If your child is acting hesitant about going for a hike, to the park, or for a walk, see if you can find a friend to tag along with. It is easier to keep children active when there are many of them as they can motivate each other. As such, looking for a buddy can be a good way to encourage your kid or kids to be active.

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