Getting Back on the Golf Courses After Winter: Three Top Tips


It has been a while since golf courses have been open, and for most golfers the reopening of golf courses can’t come soon enough. One positive note is that when they do open, which is projected to be in spring, the weather should have turned and golf across the UK should thrive. Most of these golf courses will have had time to make improvements too greens, fairways and tee off areas so there is much to be optimistic about when golf makes its return. In the meantime, you can start finding local golf courses to help you make some early plans for your first round of golf when lockdown ends.

However, until then, we have provided some top tips to ensure that when you do get back on the golf course, you will be one step ahead of others around you.

Rediscover Your Golf Swing

Before you even leave the house, get your golf clubs out and practice your swing gently to trigger the muscle memories that exist from when you last played. Start with light swings with an iron, perhaps in your garden or living room, to ensure that you have no discomforts and niggling injuries that might be a problem when you get to the golf course. Next, start to make contact with the grass, brushing the clubs softly over the grass. Do this repetitively to maintain some consistent timing of your swing, and warm up your joints. For many, lockdown has not been a time of activity and sport, so be careful to ease yourself in. Also, make sure to not swing to aggressively, as you will want to save that for tee off.

Another good tip is to get your putter out and start gently hitting some 3 to 5ft puts. Set out a marker and use 5-10 balls to gain some form in your putting. Try to develop a golf technique that feels comfortable and relaxing, as this is one of the most important things when it comes to crunch puts on your round of golf.

Get the Gear

It has probably been a while since your golf clubs were used. As such make sure they are in good condition, and if not, then consider buying new golf clubs as an end of lockdown treat. There are some great deals on at the moment, and hopefully you have saved some money in lockdown so it should be affordable for some people. If you prefer, take a look for second hand golf clubs as there are often some great bargains around. Either way, make sure that you have the right clubs and equipment so that when course do open, you are ready to go.

Also, it could be an idea to invest in some new golf clothes, as no doubt playing golf in warm weather has not been a consideration for a long time for most. Therefore, stock up on comfortable and lightweight golf clothing before hand.

Book Tee Times in Advance

After the first lockdown, golf courses were one of the first things to reopen and they were certainly busy. Many golf courses were fully booked for weeks after, as people were keen to get out after stay at home instructions had been lifted. Therefore, it is advisable to beat the rush by ensuring you have your tee times booked in when possible. This is especially important if you are booking on behalf of your mates, who will all be looking forward to a round of golf eagerly. 4 ball rounds can be hard to fit in when the courses are busy, but if you are prepared it should not be a problem.

Hopefully when golf courses do reopen, you are ready to go, and remember to have fun and enjoy your first round back.

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