Paul Pogba Would Love to Play with Neymar Someday



The man who broke the transfer fee record in 2016 and became the world’s most expensive player has stated that he would love to play with the footballer who broke those same records the very next summer. Midfielder Paul Pogba returned to Manchester United two summers ago to the tune of £89.3 million, a record setting amount at the time.

Last summer, that record was completely shattered as Barcelona sold Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain. The winger’s transfer fee was £194.5 million. If Neymar and Pogba were ever on the same team at the same time, obviously the roster wage bill for this hypothetical side would be off the charts. Pogba would certainly welcome the idea of playing alongside the Brazilian superstar.


In an interview with Argentine TV channel TyC Sports, the Frenchman referenced an interview that Neymar did with La Liga’s official website two years ago, in which Neymar extensively praised Pogba’s game and articulated just how much he would welcome the idea of playing alongside him.

Today, Pogba returned the favor and said he would be all for this idea as well.

“I remember. I really like him, too,” said Pogba. “He is truly the definition of joy on the pitch…I know that in Brazil, football is everything. It’s life. Everyone plays football in Brazil.

“When I see him play on the pitch and enjoying himself, with his technique, his agility … I love to watch him play.”

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“When you say Neymar anywhere in the world, everyone knows who he is and what he does. For me, it would be a pleasure to play with him one day,” Pogba continued.

Obviously, this is a really fun idea to ponder on paper, but not something that’s likely to actually happen in the real world. It would take a lot of blockbuster deal making, with a lot of parties involved, to have both Neymar and Paul Pogba on the same team at the same time.

Then again the transfer market is completely bonkers these days, and stranger things have happened, so you never know..maybe.

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