Paul Pogba Buying Diamond Rings for Entire World Cup Winning France Squad


paul pogba antoine griezmann

Every member of the 2018 World Cup winning French national team is about to get a massive new gift, courtesy of Paul Pogba. The 25-year-old midfielder, who broke the world transfer fee record when he moved back to Manchester United from Juventus in 2016, is purchasing NBA style diamond encrusted world championship rings for all 23 members of the France side.

That’s according to ESPN, who report that: “The idea was pitched to the squad by Antoine Griezmann and Pogba, who are both NBA fans and want to emulate the tradition in U.S. sports of having a diamond ring made for each winner of a major title.”

The specific cost has not been made public yet, but given how each one will contain 11 carat diamonds, blue sapphires and red rubies, the range could be somewhere between £20,000 and £50,000. They will be made in Los Angeles and shipped to Paris, with the shipping cost to be picked up by the France Football Association.

The ESPN report goes on to say that France may even hold a special ceremony for the distribution of the rings.

No matter what you think of Pogba, good or bad, or mixed, you must admit that this is a world class gesture on his part. Yes, he makes an obscene amount of money, but he doesn’t have to spend it on his mates.

The fact that he’s choosing to do so, really says a lot about his generous nature.

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