Agent Dismisses Idea of Zinedine Zidane Replacing Jose Mourinho


zinedine zidane

Zinedine Zidane may be the favorite of the bookmakers to potentially replace Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, but that seems like a sucker bet right now. Before you even get into speculation on who could succeed Mourinho, you have to face the facts- Mourinho isn’t really on the hot seat right now.

Yes, the team is struggling mightily, but the Portugese has the public backing of the club higher ups. Since Zidane isn’t likely going to United, where will he headed? Why did Zinedine Zidane leave juggernaut of all sports juggernauts Real Madrid in the first place?

zinedine zidane

He needed a break and recharge from the incessant high stakes pressure of it all, according to his agent Alain Migliaccio.

“He was emotionally drained,” Migliaccio said to French publication Journal du Dimanche as he explained his client’s sabbatical from coaching this season.

“He chose to spend a year out and he isn’t going to go back on that.”

Time will tell if Zidane changes his mind on that, but Migliacco went on to explain that even if it does, the English Premier League is a poor fit and/or doesn’t hold the interest of the the Frenchman.

“I do not think that he will manage in England. It is much less his style,” he continued. “I have discussed it with him, it does not really attract him. He has chosen to have a year out, he will not dive in again before that is over.”

Being as accomplished as manager as he is, having won the UEFA Champions League, Zinedine Zidane will have plenty of suitors once he decides to jump back into it.

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