Hockey Gear For Every Major Holiday


By Raymond Morgan

Move over, game day. You’ve got some new competition.

You may have built a solid collection of hockey t-shirts, jerseys and hats to wear when your favorite team plays, but that’s rookie-level stuff. Take your fandom to the next level with hockey gear for every major holiday.

From Christmas caps to 4th of July jerseys, here’s how to celebrate every holiday in hockey attire.

  1. Beer Hockey Jersey for St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you’re playing or pub hopping on St. Patty’s, celebrate the iconic Irish stout with this beer hockey jersey from Guinness.

The green, white and black color pallet features an embroidered Guinness label on front and ‘1759 Ireland’ detail on the back, making this jersey not only stylish, but also a great conversation starter with fellow hockey fans and pub patrons alike.

Bonus points for owning St. Patrick’s Day attire that can be worn in hot or cold weather, depending on what the fickle March weather throws at you.

2. Team Logo Christmas Caps

Santa’s got nothing on you. These plush hats are soft, warm and fun. Available in all 31 NHL teams, you can show your love for hockey is rivaled by only that of Christmas.

Bonus points if you get matching pajamas.

3. Valentine’s Day V-Necks



Nothing says “I love you” quite like a branded V-neck with your significant other’s favorite hockey team logo.

Made from 100% cotton, these shirts are as comfortable as they are stylish. If there is ever a day to wear your heart on your sleeve, Valentine’s Day is the day to do it.

Bonus points if you and your significant other can wear rival shirts and still get along

4. Patriotic 4th of July Jersey

Roses are red, violets are blue, and this USA hockey jersey is a dream come true. Inspired by the famed “Miracle on Ice” game, you can fly the red, white and blue this 4th of July while showing the world who the biggest hockey fan is (it’s you).

Bonus points if you can light the fireworks without having to roll up the sleeves.

5. Argyle Socks for Easter

Make your Sunday bests look even better with a pair of NHL branded argyle socks. As comfortable as they are stylish, these fashion statements will be a treat for your feet.

Bonus points if you wear them with sandals.

6. Sweatpants for Thanksgiving

If there is one thought on everyone’s mind after finishing Thanksgiving dinner, it’s typically: “find me an elastic waistband, pronto!”

Turn your hockey fandom into a reliable pair of sweatpants with this quality NHL collection. Available in varying colors and materials for all 31 teams.

Bonus points for wearing them while you nap in grandpa’s recliner.

7. Onesie for Halloween

Adult onesies don’t seem to be going away. So stop trying to fight the fad and accept the warm embrace of head-to-toe pajama coverage this Halloween. Besides, it’s way more comfortable than dressing up in a full hockey uniform for the day.

Bonus points if you keep wearing the onesie after Halloween is over.

8. Winter Coat for NHL Winter Classic (New Year’s Day)

It’s one of the best annual traditions in sports. Held every New Year’s Day, the NHL Winter Classic is famous for being played outdoors at some of the most iconic stadiums in North America. But if you’re going to brave the elements in true hockey fan fashion, you’ll need a winter coat.

These official (and highly fashionable) winter coats are made available by NHL Shop every year to commemorate the game. Even if your favorite team isn’t playing, they’re worth a look.

Bonus points for wearing a white coat after Labor Day.

9. Hockey Apron for Memorial Day

If you’re going to be flipping burgers at the barbecue all day, you may as well flaunt your hockey love while you do it. These hockey aprons will keep your shirt clean and hockey fandom visible as you tend to grill master duties.  

Bonus points for wearing red, white and blue on Memorial Day.

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