Why Sports Stars Are Seen As Gods And Goddesses In This Day And Age


By Patrick Pierce

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For as long as human beings have been around, we’ve always tried to look up to something greater than ourselves. It’s due to the uncertainty surrounding our existence – we need to feel as though we’re stable and have something to keep us in order. We’re also an insecure bunch, and we need to rely on a higher power to provide comfort for us. Whether you’re religious or not, you can’t deny those very basic facts.

We’re at the stage now where we look at famous people as individuals to be worshipped. Movie stars to viewed as flawless and sports stars are especially idolised. It’s an odd concept because they’re merely people with nothing really special about them – they’re just like those you walk past every single day without batting an eyelid. Yet, we have an innate urge to put them on a pedestal. Why? Well, let’s have a deeper look at this strange and peculiar behaviour. 

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Their Attitudes Are Unlike A Typical Person

To get to the very top of a particular spot, you need to have your head screwed on properly – or you need to have an element of craziness! Those at the pinnacle are all very sure of themselves, and they tend to not worry about many things. They might suffer from mental issues as anyone would, but they’re not fazed by the limelight. Confidence and borderline cockiness can be an attractive feature – especially when they’re someone that you’re fully behind. The normal, average person on the street tends not to display this kind of behaviour.  

They Live The Lives We All Want

Because of their brilliant lives and their crazy salaries, they get to live lives that we could only dream of. You see them driving around in their expensive cars and their Personalised Number Plates, and you sit in awe. A godly figure is something that we can only imagine of being on par with, and the life of a superstar also falls into that category. 

They Are Supremely Talented

Their mentality and their lifestyle are two of the main reasons, but the fact is, they’re very good at what they do. When we look at people that are head and shoulders above anything we’ll ever manage, then we gravitate towards them. We want to watch them perform. We want to see what magic they’ll conjure up. Soccer fans, for instance, tune in to watch Paul Pogba every week to see what he’ll have up his sleeve. It’s not the same walking to your local sports field and watching semi-pros!


Social Media Talks About Them All Day Every Day

With the advent of social media and its huge rise, people have started to live their lives almost exclusively online. There’s so much chatter every minute of every day about every single topic in the world. If you type a sports star’s name into a social media platform, someone will be discussing them. They’re on people’s minds all day, and if they aren’t, then they’re written down for people to see. Because they’re constantly discussed and storied, it’s as though they’re fictional characters – like gods and goddesses. 


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