A Fairer Treatment of Musicians by the Industry


Who doesn’t love listening to music! It can decrease anxiety and pain and improve your mood. Research has shown that music is beneficial for your mind, as well as body. Often we listen to music when we have to concentrate on something, such as solving a mathematics problem or playing gry hot spot. It is a universal language. 

The way music speaks to the soul and reaches to the depth of it, nothing can. It influences our thought patterns and mood in an inexplicable manner. So, how can we disregard musicians?  They deserve fair treatment in the industry. 


How Much Do Musicians Get Paid?

The changing landscape of the music industry makes it difficult to guess how much a musician actually earns. Top artists get big cash advances, but there are many independent musicians who only make a reasonable amount of money. 

With the advent of technology, it has become more convenient to create, record, and distribute music without the help of a popular record label. But with streaming gaining momentum, it appears like independent artists are bound to start earning more. What musicians earn varies, and it depends on various factors, including their popularity. Often musicians get ripped off when they are new to the industry. 


How do Musicians Get Ripped Off?

Musicians are ripped off by labels, managers, venues, promoters, and websites. To make sure you don’t suffer the same fate, we are going to list the biggest rip-offs. 

  1. Reading the Small Print

It is the dream of musicians and bands to be signed by a big recording label. Sure, they can make you a household name. However, many singers are so excited that they are ready to sign any contract the label puts forward. But you should know that your advances come from future royalties along with video costs, recording, and several promotional costs being deducted before you are paid. So, what to do to make sure you don’t sign a deal with the devil?  Well, you need to know the business apart from the music. 

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2. The 360 Deal

This is a new phenomenon. With this, recording labels aren’t just signing you for releases but also cutting off everything- song-writing, gig money, merchandising, and everything else. In order to know the mindset of the music business, you should check the Packaging Deductions. Don’t sign a 360 deal. 

3. Giving Your Music to Other’s Website

The internet has been a saviour for many musicians. Music lovers got to see your music video or hear or record without the Radio Caesar or TV giving you a thumbs down. It gave you complete control over what you wanted to publish. 

Sure, you can make good money through this route, but you need to have an idea about what you are doing. All top recording labels use software that can track their work on YouTube. If you are working independently, you might not be able to afford the software. So, try to get exposure somewhere else. You can also create your own website. 


Musicians deserve their due. But if you think by doing this you will be able to count large stacks of cash, you might be in the wrong industry. In case you believe your art is unique, be patient and pursue your dream. 

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