Will Compton: Nebraska Cornhuskers leader on defense



The Nebraska Cornhuskers will be without their three superstars on defense from last year: Alfonzo Dennard, Jared Crick and Lavonte David. All are in the NFL now. Even with the trio, the team’s defense wasn’t all that spectacular in 2011. Linebacker Will Compton may not have as much NFL potential as Baker Steinkuhler, or some of the other blackshirts, but he’s the heart and soul of their defense this fall.

Compton talked about all the challenges he faces as a Linebacker going against the various offenses in the Big Ten.

“Every week has its own challenge. I mean you go from teams who do the the whole option game and run it a lot more and then you got teams like Northwestern that are very pass heavy.  We approach every week differently. Yeah, you’re aware of the statistics on run to pass because you gotta know that stuff for game play and preparation wise.You face a lot more mobile quarterbacks, something we see in the big 12, we’re seeing a lot in the Big 10,” Compton said.

“A lot of great, well respected guys run the ball back there.”

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