Kain Colter answers critics of football/war analogy



Kain Colter is the star witness in the CAPA hearing at the local National Labor Relations Board. Therefore, his testimony is the most interesting moment by far of the three day hearing. This case, and it’s presentation in court are simultaneously the most important and interesting thing going on right now, but also the most boring and dull, at the exact same time.

Sounds contradictory and paradoxical, but it’s true. Kain Colter made a statement yesterday comparing training for football operations to training for military operations. It did not go over well. I was one of the very few pundits to defend Kain Colter yesterday, and if you study the history of football, you’ll see that the deep connections between the two institutions supports the analogy that Kain Colter made.

kain colter northwestern football

Kain Colter answered his critics in a series of six tweets:






Win or lose, day one of the CAPA testimony was an interesting look behind the curtain at NU, but in big time college football in general. What should be an athletes versus NCAA fight is actually turned into a Northwestern vs Northwestern battle.

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