Michigan vs. Louisville: 2013 National Championship drinking game



Welcome to the fifth annual NCAA Tournament National Championship Drinking Game, one of our favorite articles every year here at The Sports Bank.  If you missed our first four editions, you can check out the 2009 Michigan State vs. North Carolina version, the 2010 Butler vs. Duke edition, 2011’s UConn vs. Butler, and last year’s Kentucky vs. Kansas drinking game.

Even if you do not have a rooting interest in tonight’s National Championship between the Michigan Wolverines and Louisville Cardinals; invite some friends over, buy a heck of a lot of booze, follow our drinking rules, and it will be as much fun as if your own team was playing.

Our lawyer insists we add the following: The Sports Bank is not responsible for anyone dumb enough to actually try this and the harm to his/her body that would certainly occur if this game was played during the National Championship.  If you are idiotic enough to attempt keeping pace with this game, please have your local emergency room on stand-by and do not drink and drive.  Thank you.

Of course, Louisville was idiotic enough to name their college basketball arena the KFC Yum! Center, so anything is possible.

Every time one of the following happens; take the required amount of drinks:

Kevin Ware is shown:
Jump up and down on one leg while slamming a beer

Any time Tim Hardaway or Glenn Robinson is shown in the crowd:
Last person to do a “two step” has to drink a Red Dog (UTEP two-step/Big Dogg, you with me?)

When they show the Chris Webber timeout footage:
Shot of Jack, Michigan fans might just want to slam the entire bottle


Any Fab Five reference:
Five second keg stand, don’t swallow the beer though… vacate it from your mouth like the Fab Five had to do with most of their wins and titles

For every hilarious AT&T commercial with the dude and the focus group:
High fives all around then do a waterfall

When Mitch McGary gets praised for his hustle/enery:
Red Bull Vodka so you can get your energy level up as well

If it’s mentioned that Trey Burke pretty much swept every major college basketball award:
KFC run!

For every terrible call made by a referee:
Shot of Jose Cuervo, no lime or salt… because that’s a terrible call

If Rick Pitino wears his ice cream colored white suit:
KFC run!

Happy national championship

David Kay is a senior feature NBA DraftNBA, and college basketball writer for the Sports Bank.  He also heads up the NBA and college basketball material at Walter Football.com and is a former contributor at The Washington Times Communities.  David has appeared on numerous national radio programs spanning from Cleveland to New Orleans to Honolulu.  He also had the most accurate 2011 NBA Mock Draft and the most accurate 2012 NBA Mock Draft on the internet (Yup, repeat champ… #humblebrag.)

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  1. paulmbanks says

    hahhahahahaa we just had 2 back to back

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