Is Korie Lucious Going to Iowa St? Refuge of Big 10 Cast-offs


korie lucious

On Saturday, suspended Michigan State guard Korie Lucious visited Ames, Iowa. He tweeted about checking out the Iowa State campus, and now it looks somewhat likely he’ll join ex-Spartans teammate Chris Allen, Minnesota Golden Gopher transfer Royce White and Penn State transfer Chris Babb.

Basically, Fred Hoiberg’s program is becoming the refuge for troubled and malcontent Big Ten players. Call it “the island of misfit toys” for Big Ten college basketball players.

So is Lucious going to be a Cyclone? We can’t say for certain yet. But (with apologies to Spandau Ballet) we “know this…much is….true.” Lucious likely won’t be a Spartan next year. And his teammates in East Lansing are playing like their season is as much over as his already is.

See 82-56 for confirmation on that.


  1. chris edwards says

    Sounds like the old Oakland Raiders of college basketball

  2. paulmbanks says

    very true! good pt!

  3. South Dakota CBD says

    Passing this on.

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