Six General Tips And Tricks For Football Betting: Sports Betting System


Football betting is not for nothing that it is often called ‘King of Sports Betting’ – the sport is by far the most popular in Europe. Accordingly, a lot of bettors bet on the Bundesliga, Champions League, English league and other European leagues. In this article, we will make you fit for your sports betting journey with football and give you a guide on how to bet on football so that you can get more out of our tips.

  1. Favorite bets are a bad way

The games of FC Bayern Munich or Real Madrid are advertised separately at almost every online betting provider. Have you ever thought about why this is so? Favorite bets are detrimental to long-term money management, as the risk and the offered odds are in a terrible relationship.

Almost daily, minimum betting odds of 1.05 to 1.15 go into the eternal hunting grounds. For example, if you bet on a home win for FC Bayern Munich 17 times in the Bundesliga, you will end up in mathematical minus for three draws. I want to explain this to you using an example, assuming an average rate of 1.2 for a Bayern win.

  • Stake 10 euros x 1.2 odds = 12 euros gross (2 euros net profit)
  • 14 wins in the season = 168 euros gross – 28 euros net profit
  • 3 defeats = net loss 30 euros = total minus 2 euros

It is an open secret that sports betting providers with lost favorite tips bring in the highest profits.

  1. Live betting is not part of professional typing

Live sports betting was fun and created that certain adrenaline rush – no question about it. In a professional sports betting strategy, however, they usually have no place, for two reasons.

Firstly, the quotes are a few percentage points worse than in the pre-match sector, and secondly, the decisions often have to be made within a few seconds. It is not possible to precisely weigh the pros and cons of a tip. This results in an increased error rate. There are two ways of using, which can lead to success in live betting.

  1. Always look for the best sports betting odds

The differences in betting odds between the individual bookmakers may seem small and negligible at first glance – but they are not. Even the smallest deviations can add up to several hundred euros per year.

I’d like to demonstrate this with an illustration as well. I assume that you are placing a total of 100 bets of 10 euros or more on odds of 2.1 instead of 2.15. This gives me the following calculation:

  • 10 euros x 2.1 = 21 euros x 100 = 2,100 euros
  • 10 euros x 2.15 = 21.50 euros x 100 = 2,150 euros

As you can see, the difference adds up to 50 euros even with this small game sum. The higher your stake, the greater your profit or loss, of course.

Now it makes no sense to register with all bookmakers at the same time just to get the best odds. My tip is that you should be registered with three to five bookmakers. This is completely sufficient to always have outstanding odds on the screen.

Another tip is to try playing online casino using gcash as it is much easier to manage your payments and bets.

  1. Basically only set solo tips

No professional sports betting freak plays combination bets. Yes, of course, the one-time gains are higher, but the risk outweighs them in the long run. Concentrate only on single tips, and you will end up in a stable profit zone in the medium to long term. Also, at this stage, it is necessary to keep your own greed in check.

  1. Use the bookmakers without betting tax

The betting tax is a well-known and annoying topic in some European countries. Of course, the five percent deduction for the tax authorities is hugely disadvantageous for European betting enthusiasts.

Look for a reputable, tax-free bookmaker like Dafabet , and you will ultimately have a big plus on your betting account. When comparing the odds, you shouldn’t ignore the tax. Many a supposedly “worse” offer then suddenly appears in a completely different light.

  1. A bonus to starting with is never wrong

The bonus programs of sports betting providers are a little controversial, especially among professionals. The rates are, logically, not accessible free of charge. The wagering requirements prevent a direct payout and, at the same time, often tie up your own money.

I assume that embracing a strong betting bonus is exceptionally beneficial for beginners. With the additional start-up capital, one or the other sports betting option can be tested, even if it is ultimately not enough for a payout. It is crucial, though, that it is genuinely a reasonable bonus.

Football betting: From A as in Asia Handicap to S as in system bet

Due to the European Court of Justice’s judgment regarding the European sports betting monopoly, it looks like sports betting providers on the Internet will step out of the gray area. The market will be opened in a controlled manner.

Providers such as Tipico or bet-at-home are currently advertising intensively, and many other betting providers have joined Bundesliga clubs as premium partners. And since more than half of all bets at many providers are about football, let’s take a look at the most popular types of bets.

sports gambling

The Asia handicap

The name already reveals which continent it comes from. The Asia Handicap is a modification of the normal handicap bet. While in this one, you give one of the teams an advantage utilizing full handicaps (e.g. one goal advantage), with the Asian handicap, there are mostly half handicaps.

So it could be that Bayern against Bremen before the game based on your handicap is -0.5: 0. But there will never be a draw because one of the teams is guaranteed to advance. There are other variations of the Asia Handicap, but they are more complicated. You can find explanations on, for example.

The combination bet

Typically, you will bet on at least three games. The advantage of this type of bet is that the odds of the three outcomes you have selected are combined. This quite quickly results in a high pace.

The disadvantage is that, for example, with three combined bets, your three outcomes are offset by six other outcomes. You forfeit the whole bet if only one of your games is incorrect. That leads us to another type of bet.

sports betting

The system bet

With the system bet, you can also combine several games with each other, but not all results have to be correct to win. With the system bet 3 out of 5, three accurate tips are enough to win nominally. However, since you have to place the same stake for the many lines that you play, this is relatively high with the system bet.

You get all the more annoyed when only two games are correct. It is important to consider whether a small stake and a high risk or a high stake and a lower risk with combination and system bets. The system bet in sports betting does not guarantee profit either, but it is more likely than playing the lottery.


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