Is it Possible to Play Casino Games and Bet on Sports Anonymously Online?


An experienced online casino player can easily tell people that there is no way that they can gamble anonymously. However, times are changing and different technologies are now around to prove many things are becoming less impossible. This is the case for anonymously gambling online. 

Generally, online casinos would require players to sign up with them and fill out necessary information including personal and banking details. This is the case in many of the newest online casinos in Pennsylvania. While this is perfectly fine to many online gamblers, there are still people out there who’d like to keep their gambling activities as private as possible. 

Today, anonymous casino gaming is becoming popular and both newbies and seasoned gamblers are quickly attracted to this way of gaming. Why wouldn’t it be? Let’s face it. Gambling can still be a taboo subject in certain places and so being able to do this anonymously could be such a win.

How Does Anonymous Gambling Work?

When signing up with an anonymous casino, all you need to do is to set up a username and a password. Some anonymous casinos may have to verify your account via SMS but many of them only need an email address which you can easily create with a different name.  

This is different from how traditional online casinos would require you to input information like your name, birthdate, address, and credit or debit card details. Some online casinos would even go as far as calling their customers to verify their identities. They can be very strict about the verification process for understandable reasons. 

In the United Kingdom, the Gambling Commission requires operators to conduct a thorough verification process to ensure that no minors will be able to access any gambling activities. This is surely a necessary step to avoid gambling-related problems but many gamblers are not a fan of how tedious the process could be.

Most of the anonymous casinos out there can offer such services because of blockchain technology. These casinos usually only allow players to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, Cardano, and other altcoins when making a transaction with them.

If you’re familiar with Bitcoin and other altcoins, you should know that transactions using them can go anonymously. Typically, you will only need a wallet address and/or a destination tag to be able to send or receive cryptocurrencies. Sure, to set up a crypto wallet, you’ll need to key in your information but once you started sending cryptos or receiving them, these wallets don’t share your information anymore. Only your wallet address is what’s visible to the receiving end.

The Pros and Cons

Many players are starting to appreciate anonymous casinos better because of how convenient they could be. Not having to go through quite a long process when signing up with an online casino is already attractive to many. The thing about living with today’s technology is that we want everything to be instantaneous as much as possible. Anonymous casinos somewhat allow you to play with real money games in just a few clicks.

It is also likely that the rise of anonymous gambling is coherent with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Last year, the value of Bitcoin once again reached an all-time high after three years, and this sparked a lot of curiosity from people who were never bothered to check what cryptos are in the first place. Since last year, many have been creating crypto wallets and purchasing coins with fiat. With that comes the demand for different ways to spend cryptocurrencies. Many found gambling as a good use of it.

Now, it’s undeniable that any form of gambling comes with a risk. This is also the case for playing anonymously. After all, this still has something to do with your hard-earned money. There are anonymous casinos that would operate without a license because technically, in most countries, there is no need for it because of the lack of cryptocurrency regulations. This is why if you choose to play at anonymous casinos, make sure that you check on the site’s credibility. A quick Google search should help you with this.

Another disadvantage of playing at such casinos is that you may find that they don’t have as much game variety as traditional casinos have. However, you can still find some of these sites that offer slots and table games like blackjack and poker. Overall, anonymous casinos can be convenient if you’re after casual gambling and would like to do this privately.

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