Dogecoin popularity and price skyrocket


Bitcoin is an undisputed king of Cryptocurrency world, everybody knows that. There are several cryptos that follow in the same footsteps towards stardom like Ethereum and Litecoin, which are projected to have the same growth in the near future. On the other hand, the world of cryptocurrencies is full of various different entries, and one of such lower value currencies is a recently-famous Dogecoin.

DOGE has been around for a while now, but during these past weeks it has hit the new heights thanks to several external factors which have made it into one of the hottest commodities.

Elon Musk Tweets

One of such external factors has been deriving from Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet who has been sharing his thoughts on twitter about Dogecoin for quite some time now. Back in the day he mentioned that there is a possibility that DOGE could become the most used currency on earth in the future. Couple of weeks ago he called it the people’s currency and the one that has the potential to be most popular in the future among cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, people like Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons of rock band KISS have also been endorsing DOGE after Musk and that’s how it’s price rose to the new record high of $0.075 as of today. (The moment of writing). Considering this data, it’s easy to imagine that in the future Dogecoin could surpass new thresholds, and Dogecoin might become even more popular than it currently is. 

What Can You Do with Dogecoin 

Just like any other cryptocurrency, DOGE can be used as money. Right now, there are lots of vendors that accept various cryptocurrencies as their payment option. This currency is the most well known in the world so you can easily purchase goods and services with it. Worst case scenario, you’d have to exchange your existing DOGE for BTC within the wallet and make a Purchase. Another, probably a more popular form of use for Dogecoin is Investment.

Remember how BTC used to cost a mere couple of hundred dollars back in the day? The same thing might happen here as well, so lots of people are investing money into DOGE to see the profit in the future. Last but not least is the Dogecoin Gambling, which is probably the most popular way to use this cryptocurrency. 

Benefits of Dogecoin Gambling and where to play

So why do people love Dogecoin Gambling and where can you participate? The answer to the later is simple, the powerhouse crypto casinos like FortuneJack, provide all benefits of Dogecoin Gambling with an advanced payment system that incorporates all the following benefits. First of all is the factor of total anonymity that players enjoy when playing at a Dogecoin Gambling casino. No governmental or financial institution will ever be able to track your activities. Second major reason is the blistering speeds of transactions that Dogecoin Gambling offers the players.

Both withdrawals and Deposits happen in a matter of seconds, which is a huge liking point for players. And another major benefit is the heightened security level that Dogecoin Gambling provides, through the decentralized design of the blockchain technology, that it’s based upon. 

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