White Sox should trade Chris Sale, everyone for right price


Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox have been nothing short of miserable in 2013. From a punch-less offense to losing three of four to baseball’s worst team in Houston, very little has come up White Sox. Sox GM Rick Hahn has said that the team is not looking to talk trades at this point because the team can still make a run. This would make sense if it was early May, but it is late June, and the team continues to suck. Call it optimism, but Hahn is blowing hot air.

The White Sox have few pieces that have trade value. Captain Paul Konerko is great for any clubhouse, but his .248 average and measly six home runs would bring back a useless low minor leaguer. Adam Dunn and the rest of the offense not named Alex Rios would bring back similar drivel.

If you want to trade some arms, Jesse Crain is the most likely to go. The problem is middle relievers bring back middling returns. Jake Peavy was the most likely pitcher to get moved, but his rib injury erased any chance of a move before the July trade deadline.

That means it is time to look at Chris Sale.

No, you cannot strangle me through the computer but you can listen as to why he needs to be talked about in trade negotiations.

Sale signed a team-friendly five year, $32.5-million extension this year. The Sox did well in not overpaying for pitching (John Danks, I see you) and locking up a young arm through his arbitration years. What team would not like that type of deal? If you have watched any Pale Hose games to this point, you can also see that Sale has a less than perfect throwing style. His ability to put so much torque on his elbow while throwing has led the team to rest him every so often. If a pitcher’s technique is so unorthodox that he has to be rested to save his elbow, then something bad will happen.

Sale has already lost time to arm issues. Does anyone really think he will stay healthy for the remainder of his career?

That being said, the team willing to trade for Sale will have to give up a king’s ransom in return. Very few teams have been willing to give up top prospects in return for some of the better players in the league. Kansas City turned heads by giving up Wil Myers, a top prospect in baseball the last few seasons.

If the White Sox can be so lucky to turn someone like Sale in to a group of top prospects, a trade for the long term success of the club may have to happen.

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  1. And just who is going to determine that “right price?”

    The folks that signed the likes of Dunn and Thornton for millions, but wouldn’t give AJ a couple more bucks? Is that who?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to tell you this, but your article sucks worse than the White Sox!!!!!!

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