The Pre-fight Mindset with MMA Fighter Jason Moe



Ever wonder what an MMA fighter goes through during the final days,minutes and moments? Alexia Krause has an exclusive with brawler Jason Moe, and brings us these insights.


TSB: What are the last 24 hours before your fight like? How do you prepare yourself both mentally and physically?

JM: Well leading up to my fight, I have had all kinds of mixed emotions. I am excited, nervous, pumped, and afraid of letting people down (biggest thing). I have a lot people coming to support me, so I really just want to put on a great show and give all my heart in that cage. The closer it gets to the fight, the more I know I am ready. Once the cage door closes, I know I for sure have to win, because it will be a lot easier to hit on the girls afterwards if I am victorious. Haha.

It has been a great camp; I really have to thank my team (Immortal) and L.A. Boxing for all their help and support. Also, I really have to thank my friends, all of them have been here for me. They cooked me dinner, got me my vitamins, made sure I was eating healthy, and made sure I was always doing well. I could not ask for better friends/teammates.

Over the past weekend, I focused more on my weight cut and cardio. The fight is at 185. On Sunday night I weighed in at 195. So Monday, I hit the gym and sauna with my plastic suit.

Let me tell you: the weight-cutting part is not fun at all. All I want to eat is Panda Express right now! I left the gym at 188 on Monday night. I woke up Tuesday morning at 188 again. So, I will be hitting the Sauna again on my lunch break.

Also, I hate it when people ask me how I am doing, or am I ready? What do you think? I about to step in a cage with someone that wants to beat the crap out of me? How do you think I feel? Ha.

Weigh-ins are at 6pm tonight [Wednesday, September 15]. After, I am getting some Chicken and Steak with the team! I’m pretty much going to eat every three hours. (Small amounts of course)

Then Wednesday before the fight, I am going to relax and listen to a lot of music. Music will get me pumped up and keep me relaxed all at the same time.

TSB: I can’t believe you just dropped 10 lbs that quickly, that must be really tough to do and still retain your strength.

We’d like to wish Jason the best of luck tonight, and we’re looking forward to doing some great post-fight interviews!

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