Pittsburgh h.s. basketball game ruined by racist chants, epithets, costumes

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  1. Maybe you should do your research and get your facts straight of this one-sided story. I am a graduate of Brentwood and was in attendance at the game. Joe is the last person to allow anything even remotely close to this incident to happen at games let alone stand there and laugh about it. You weren’t there so to make such allegations is appalling to me. Read the stories from both sides. Hell, get the videos from the game yourself then pass judgement. No “monkey noises” were made and banana-suits have been worn to more than just basketball games over the years. No one can really confirm what was said on the court but trash talking is part of the game. But once you go attacking people that do nothing but protect that school when you don’t know the correct story, that’s just wrong.
    Become a better journalist & learn the story from both sides to get your facets straight and before you go passing judgements. It’s reports like this that are causing THREATS against Joe & his family.

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