Marquette fans seem to love Bruce Weber to MU idea; KSU fans wish him well



UPDATE 3-30-14: Bruce Weber named a leading candidate by both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Still nothing definitive on Bruce Weber leaving Kansas State to become the Head Coach at Marquette. Here’s what we reported Monday morning, and analyzed why and why not Bruce Weber to MU would make sense. Nothing’s changed since then, other than what seems like the entire Milwaukee media, at least the whole television contingent, seriously jumping the gun on Shaka Smart to MU rumors.

All based off one tweet from a student television station producer. Yes, that’s actually exactly what happened. No Shaka, but Ben Howland has emerged as possibly the leading candidate.


Also in the mix are Mike Hopkins and Brian Wardle. And of course Bruce Weber. Like I said before, nothing has been negotiated between the two sides. At this point we don’t even know if Weber’s camp is talking to MU. That said, it’s still entertaining to watch all the Kansas State fans already assume he’s gone and wish Bruce Weber well. And to see Marquette fans celebrate the idea of his hire.

Even though that’s not even close to happening right now.

It’s also amusing to see Illini fans poke some fun at all this with a college basketball message board infinite loop here.

And here some of the more spirited Bruce Weber thread commenters from this post and tweeters from the interwebs.


Marquette booster says:


Terri Mitchell says:

This would be a sweet revenge for K-State beating us out for the WNIT championship we worked so hard for.

RING OUT AHOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Farley says:

Hey you kids are probably saying to yourselves: I’m gonna go out there and grab the world by the tail! and wrap it around and pull it down and put it in my pocket. Well I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out, as you go out there, that you’re not going to amount to jack squat without Bruce Weber!


Logan Rogerwitz says:

This is what we call a “home run hire” #GOMARQUETTEEAGLES

Torstein Bjornsen says:

I swear I will not renew my season tickets if my Golden Eagles blow dis opportunity of a lifetime #WEBER4MARQUETTE






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  1. A real Marquette fan says:

    You do realize that all the pro-Marquette Bruce Weber comments are from Kansas State fans who want to see him gone, right?

  2. Marv Marquette says:

    Those fans in Kansas sure are classy. I think we are going to have a hard time pulling Coach Weber away from fans who love and care about him so much, but I sure hope we find a way! Come home, Bruce!

  3. Renee Clark says:

    I don’t know what “real marquette fan” is talking about but myself my husband, and our two sons attending MU right now are hoping Bruce gets the job. My husband and I have not had season tickets for 3 years and we would buy them if Bruce gets hired!

  4. Marv Marquette says:

    Yeah, for somebody who calls himself a real fan, he sounds an awful darned lot like a real bad fan to me. We need a classy coach. We need a family environment at basketball games where I can feel comfortable bringing my kids. Bruce gives us all of that and more because he is a great coach to boot.

  5. Khrystall Hanssenn says:

    Bruce, if you are reading this, a really nice split level just opened up next door on our cul de sac in Pewaukee Village.

    Needless to say we would love to have a family as neighbourly as yours to coach up our beloved Golden Eagles!


  6. DWAYNE WADE says:

    Get him paaaaaiiid

  7. Timothy the Eagle Fan says:

    The buzz around Milwaukee would be unreal if Bruce Weber was our coach, Pay Bruce!

  8. Leon Smitzey says:

    Bruce would absolutely run through the big east every season. His motion offense just can’t be stopped.

  9. K-State Fan says:

    It was fun while it lasted but it seems as though Bruce is going to have a ton of success at Marquette. The writing is on the wall for it.

  10. Bona Fide Eagle says:

    We need to give my boy Bruce a fat raise. Those farmers down in Kansas can’t afford him. You know what I’m sayin’?

  11. Green Bay Marquette Fan Here says:

    Green Bay Marquette fan here. I just thought I’d stop by and let you guys know that this is a hire I could really get behind. Paul, have you tried calling Bruce Weber to see if he would be interested in the job? I would consider donating my Packers tickets to him for the 2018 season if he took the job. Why 2018? Well, we have to give him some incentive to stay loyal after that last son of a gun left us the way he did, now don’t we?

  12. 'quette Steve says:

    I think I saw coach Weber and Steve Rushin in Chicago eating some deep dish! This is HAPPENING

  13. Stan Darsh says:


    He is a dream hire for us

  14. Demonte Julius says:

    this is our dude, hire him, , , ,

  15. Derrick Hammes says:

    Bruce Weber won the Big XII last year. Imagine what he would do to the Big East. I don’t know why some K-State fans want him to leave, and I don’t know why some Illinois fans are so salty. As long as be recruits to his system(like he is at K-State) he will run to many titles for us here at MU. I for one hope this hire happens, and I hope the powers at MU at least give this guy a chance to come back to his childhood home!!

  16. KSU Morton says:

    Please Bruce don’t go. Things are lined up to compete for the Big XII title next year. We love you Bruce.

    Go Cats!

  17. Marquette Mike says:

    So, is this a done deal yet or nah?

  18. SausageKing says:

    Wait….. People are actually excited about Bruce Weber?. Like….. Excited as in the team that would be getting him, not the one letting him walk away?

    Who loves Bruce Weber? I don’t even don’t know if Bruce Weber ‘s own mom loves Bruce Weber

  19. Did you guys know that Bruce push mows his own lawn? It’s true. Once he closes on his place in Washington Highlands, you’ll be able to drive by and see it for yourself. Word is he’s a Snapper man, but I think he actually rolls with a Honda mulcher. Now, all bets are off if the Washington Highlands house falls through and he goes with the larger yard up in Mequon. He may then need a rider, but Bruce’s prostate gives him fits, so who knows at that point.

  20. Eagles Nest Realty says:

    Guys, guess who’s wife is in town looking at houses this weekend?

    Soooooooo exciting!!!!!!11!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

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