Minnesota Vikings QB: 86% polled support high schooler instead


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Just how much of a train wreck is the Minnesota Vikings situation? Well, did you watch Monday night?  86% polled support high schooler instead

Maybe your Twitter timeline was similar to mine, and my TL was dominated by a few re-occurring themes:

“My god the Minnesota Vikings are bad”

“Why did the Minnesota Vikings start Josh Freeman?”

“Is it possible to overthrow that many people in one night, Josh Freeman?”

And yet, Freeman will start again this week. Over both Christian Steele and Matt Cassel. (I call Ponder Christian Steele because clearly his wife Samantha Steele (now called Samantha Ponder) is way more relevant and better at what she does than what we does. So Ponder should take her name, not vice versa.

The respondents to a CBS Minnesota poll have spoken, and they overwhelmingly support the option of “Is that kid from Andover High eligible?” to a tune of 86% Ponder got 6% Freeman 4.5% and Cassel 3.8%. The kid from Andover High is Connor Wilkie who led the state in passing yards.

So that’s what the Land of 10,000 Lakes thinks of the Minnesota Vikings QB situation now. There’s still time to vote! And comment on the Minnesota Vikings signal caller catastrophe.


It’s replaced the New York Jets as the train wreck of the NFL. It’s awful, but you just can’t turn your head away. Two more themes from my timeline Monday night:

“this is the worst sporting event ever broadcasted” and

“although this Vikings vs Giants game sucks, we’re watching anyway.” Yes, 13 million tuned into that.

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