Josh Freeman: savior of Minnesota Vikings shipwreck?



Josh Freeman may be the master at staring down his receivers (and therefore often incompleting passes) and he’s suffering from that recent curse of the jersey #5, but he’s also designated the savior in Minnesota.

At least the man who’s being counted on to save the 2013 Minnesota Vikings season. It won’t be Christian Steele.

Christian Ponder should be named after his wife Samantha Steele, instead of vice versa. Samantha Ponder shouldn’t take his name- she’s more relevant today! LOL! Okay, so Ponder is terrible at football. And Matt Cassel is not the answer. You saw how terrible Cassel was today as the Vikings got DESTROYED by the lowly Carolina Panthers.

That means it’s up to Josh Freeman to get this thing turned around in the Twin Cities:


Analyst Jimmy Johnson wants to make it clear, new Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman was brought in to be the starter:

“Josh Freeman was brought in to be the starting quarterback. He’s been brought in to be the starter because Minnesota doesn’t believe Matt Cassell or Christian Ponder can be the starter…we’ll see Josh Freeman starting next week against the Giants.”

FOX NFL Sunday talking head Jay Glazer on the Vikings acquisition of Josh Freeman:

“Originally [Vikings head coach] Leslie Frazier, when he brought Josh Freeman in last week, right before the signing he told Josh, ‘look, Christian Ponder cannot lose the job due to injury.’ That has changed. They brought him in here to be the starter. He [Freeman] is deactivated today. The plan is not for him to go next week but perhaps the week after that. I love what Jimmy said there though, they would love nothing more than for Josh Freeman to come in sooner rather than later.”

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