Browns Executive Jon Sandusky, son of Jerry Sandusky, arrested for DUI



Cleveland Browns Director of Player Personnel Jon Sandusky was arrested on DUI charges in Fargo, ND early Tuesday morning. The 36-year-old NFL front office man turned down a breathalyzer test and then failed field sobriety tests miserably.

Yes, he’s the son of Jerry Sandusky, the amoral monster who’s atrocities led to the (deserved) dismal state of Penn State football today.

Jon Sandusky has rightfully distanced himself from Jerry Sandusky, even before all the news broke. And it’s clear the former PSU Defensive Coordinator, and once #2 to Joe Paterno, the man once thought to even be Paterno’s successor, hasn’t exactly been a beacon of a good example of the right way to live life.

Jon Sandusky has some problems, but it’s clear he didn’t have a legit role model in his father. The NCAA sanctions, imposed in response to Penn State enabling Sandusky to commit his horrific crimes, has made PSU football a shell of what it once was. They’ve already suffered losses to Central Florida at home and Indiana (first ever loss to the Hoosiers this season)

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