Bob Costas statement on stepping down due to his pink eye infection


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Bob Costas is finally stepping down as the lead anchor of NBC ‘s Olympic coverage. I forgot where I first heard this joke, but it’s funny- “Bob Costas: we haven’t heard this much about a left eye since she burned down Andre Rison’s house.” Well the pink eye infection spread from Costas left eye into both, and now he is taking a break to take care of himself.

Matt Lauer will fill in for Bob Costas. Here’s statements from both Lauer and Bob Costas.

Bob Costas on his health:

“It was becoming increasingly noticeable and uncomfortable, but if it was just that, I would have continued. We in broadcasting are lucky to have the jobs we do, and at one time or another, we’ve all gone on the air feeling less than our best.

“The difference is that last night and into this morning, it got to the point where, as a practical matter, I simply couldn’t do my job because my eyes had become so blurry, watery and sensitive to light.

“If it was just discomfort, I’d be there. I’m receiving excellent treatment…it’s a viral infection, and all you can do is try to manage the symptoms while the virus runs its course. But I’m hopeful that those symptoms will improve in the next couple of days and I can return to the broadcast.

“Also, the last thing I want is to go through the rest of my life owing Matt Lauer a bunch of favors.”

“I saw Bob in the hotel this morning, and if ever there was a guy who looked like he needed a night off, it was him,” said Lauer, who is working his eighth Games. “I’m happy to keep his chair warm. Although I might Purell it before I sit in it!”

Bob Costas is listed as ‘day to day’ on the NBC injury report.

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