Andrew Luck grew up modeling his game on Peyton Manning



Andrew Luck is “the other QB playing tonight.” In what will likely be the most watched regular season game in NFL history, the Colts franchise will once again be a landmark in the history of football on television. You already know that a Johnny Unitas and Baltimore Colts win in 1958 changed the face of football forever, as it revolutionized how football would be televised.

Tonight, it’s Andrew Luck versus Peyton Manning, as Peyton returns to the Indianapolis Colts, where he played for 14 years.

The Peyton Manning bowl has actually left Andrew Luck a little bit overlooked this week, as the Manning shadow dominates all.

andrew luck

In an exclusive interview airing tonight on Football Night in America Andrew Luck talked about constantly hearing that he’s the successor to Peyton and that Peyton is returning this week:

“It’s not been too bad. I’ve resigned in my mind that it’s part of the job, and, honestly, it’s the same questions I’ve been hearing for about a year-and-a-half now when coming to Indy. In my mind, it’s just part of the job description now. It’s not been too bad.”

On what quarterback Andrew Luck modeled himself after growing up:

“I loved watching Peyton. I just always thought he was really tough, somewhat of a warrior out there, and he could chunk the ball all over the field. So I always enjoyed watching him.”

NBC also sat down with Peyton Manning, but you know what, I think I’ve done a couple posts on him already this week. So that’s been overkilled. Just like NBC is with their cross-platform synergy and self-promotion: overkill. One reason the Broncos versus Colts might break ratings records is that NBC’s favorite topic of discussion is always: upcoming NBC programming.

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