Ryan Lochte is SO DUMB he moves News Anchors to Tears (Video)


Ryan Lochte is the worst sports soundbite. EVER!

He’s so dumb. He’s so dumb it hurts. You think Cody Zeller and Andrew Wiggins are horrible interviews? You think a Wiggins or Zeller soundbite is dumb, pointless and worthless?

Have you seen Ryan Lochte in action?

The accomplished swimmer has a new reality show called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” premiering Sunday on E! Yes, this is exactly why the terrorists hate America: because of E! Channel, because of Ryan Lochte, because we glorify Ryan Lochte. The Olympic champion appeared on Fox 29 Philadelphia to promote his show.

Unintentional hilarity ensued.

Yes, Ryan Lochte was so bad he moved the two Fox 29 anchors to tears of laughter. I agree with them how are they ever going to get enough material from this kid for a total show? Let alone twenty or however many they’re doing? The best line of Ryan Lochte was:

“you know if I’m a man at night, I got to be a man in the morning.”

Wow dude! That’s deep man!

Ryan Lochte works on so many levels.

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports Bank.net. He’s also an author who also contributes regularly to MSN, Fox Sports , Chicago Now, Walter Football.com and Yardbarker

Banks has appeared on Comcast SportsNet and the History Channel, as well as Clear Channel, ESPN and CBS radio all over the world. President Barack Obama follows him on Twitter (@PaulMBanks)

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