Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl?? Keyshawn Johnson thinks so



I’m not sure if the Kansas City Chiefs making the Super Bowl idea is just really dumb. Or if instead every NFL pregame and postgame highlights show has just jumped the Sharknado. You know had bad the Chiefs were a year ago, so we’ll skip discussing that.

This was EVERY NFL pregame & postgame show this weekend- Pundit 1: “Ndamukong Suh is a really dirty player.” Pundit 2: “No, Suh is not a dirty player.” Rinse & Repeat. Always Rinse & Repeat.

So Keyshawn Johnson of ESPN said something totally different to get people talking about something else.

Johnson on the Kansas City Chiefs:

“They are my Super Bowl pick. Not to win it, but to get there because of the conference. When you look at this football team and the make-up of this team – nine Pro Bowlers from a year ago. Now with nine Pro Bowlers, they add a coach in Andy Reid, a quarterback in Alex Smith, this looks like a real football team.”


I get where Keyshawn is coming from, the AFC is broke. REAL BROKE. So somebody has to win it. And Keyshawn is a pretty intelligent guy.

My pick for the Super Bowl from the conference is the Cincinnati Bengals, who will have a chance tonight versus Pittsburgh to try and make that pick look good. But Peyton Manning will probably make every non-Broncos pick look bad.

But the Kansas City Chiefs ??



The Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC? This is like a sports version of Ann Coulter- saying something non-sensical strictly to get media attention.

They barely escaped Tony Romo, and were out-gained by the Cowboys yesterday. They beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in week one by a comfortable margin; but only accrued about a 100 more yards than JAX. And it wouldn’t be shocking if both Bama and Oregon could outgain the Jags in a game.

I’m just not sold on either Alex Smith or Andy Reid. The Kansas City Chiefs started 2013 from such a low baseline. 2012 was so terrible; they’re not going to jump up a few levels like this overnight. I like the work of Keyshawn. I do.

Or I did. I don’t like it anymore. This was a Skip Bayless level thing to say.

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    keyshawn dosent look so crazy now

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