Jose Canseco crosses line from laughable to scary



Watching Jose Canseco melt down on Twitter used to be funny.

Used to be.

Canseco is “obvs a cray” as the kids would say in today’s modern lingo. But Canseco craziness isn’t as laughable now that he tweeted the name, phone number and picture of a woman who accused him of rape. What’s with California sports personas tweeting about sexual assault and rape today?

First, the LA Kings let a Los Angeles sports talk radio host take over their Twitter account. And he made a sexual assault joke. Now Canseco live tweets his potential rape charges.

From The Atlantic Wire, which has captured all of the deleted Canseco tweets:

just live-tweeted the police arriving at his Las Vegas home, then said he has been accused of rape, then proceeded to publicly name his apparent accuser to his more than 500,000 followers, with bikini photos, and the woman’s phone number, and talk shows, and cats… then proceeded to delete the whole thing. Except her name.

Sure, there’s a possibility that his account could have been hacked, but perhaps more troubling is that this kind of social-media behavior isn’t exactly out of character for Canseco. But Las Vegas police have named him a suspect in a sexual investigation — we’ve obscured the name of the apparent victim in the tweets below, all of which, save one, have since been deleted:

By the way, In “Juiced” Canseco once used the term “persona non grata.” That’s got to be his ghost writer. No way he actually knows what that term means. Canseco doesn’t seem very articulate on Twitter.

 Doesn’t the behavior of Canseco make you proud he retired as a member of the Chicago White Sox?

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