Nebraska’s Bo Pelini gets vote of confidence from Ron Zook

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Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini is on the hot seat. That’s obvious! Bo Pelini will get his four losses, which means he’ll get his eight wins. To channel Spandau Ballett, “I know this, much is true.” Is that enough for Bo Pelini to save his job this time? We know Bo Pelini has no conference titles, and he’s done rather poorly in conference title games and big games overall.

Then there’s the whole matter of the profanity laced Bo Pelini tape directed at the fans and media. Luckily, one man has the answer for us about whether Bo Pelini will be back in Lincoln or not.


Ron Zook works in a small local bank these days. A Gateway Bank branch in Ocala, Florida, as you no doubt have heard by now. Ron Zook discussed the career prospects of Bo Pelini today on his show “Inside College Football” on CBS Sports Network:

Zook: I think Bo Pelini will be the head coach of Nebraska next year. The last five years, Nebraska has been ranked and in five straight years they have been upset by an unranked team… I think they may have to do things on the defensive side of the football to get up to par with the offensive side of the football. But I think he’s going to be around.

if there’s one thing Ron Zook knows, it’s getting fired from a college football head coaching position, so this vote of confidence bodes well for Pelini, right? Or is it bad? Cause Zook got fired, his judgment in this arena is flawed and his believing in Pelini returning to NU is bad for Bo’s prospects?

I’m confused. Could go either way. Hearing Zook analyze other college football coaches is a crazy; like what if Matt Millen were allowed to pontificate on NFL personnel and….WAIT, WHAT??

Bo Pelini

In a related story, Zook also said on his talk show a couple weeks ago that he believes college football recruiting should be completely deregulated. So it’s pretty clear that working in the banking industry, a a business that is obsessed with laisezz-faire and free-enterprise, has had a tremendous effect on him.

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  1. no I do not think he should be fired he is the best coach ever with out him the team would be nothing.

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