PHOTO: Journo covering Man United vs Bayern Munich is dog shopping online


Bayern Munich came to Old Trafford for a Quarterfinal Champions League game versus Manchester United. Huge, and I mean HUGE match right? Well one journalist covering the game felt the need to take the time to shop online for dogs while at this epic match which ended in a 1-1 draw.

“Journalistic integrity” right? Here’s the photo to prove it.

BkKRg8WCcAA6Fd2 Revoke his Press Pass! A journo is shopping online for dogs at Manchester United v Bayern [Picture]


















Yep, that’s allegedly a journo in the press zone at Old Trafford. This photo comes from the blog of 101 Great

And instead of watching United versus Bayern Munich, he’s got a search engine results page with images of dogs open on his computer.

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