Paul Pogba vs Florentin Pogba: Pre-Europa League Smack Talk Getting Heated



Manchester United will take on Saint-Etienne in the UEFA Europa League round of 32 on Thursday night. This match-up has of course the built-in obvious “narrative” appeal. It’s a match-up of brother versus brother, Paul Pogba of Manchester United versus Florentin Pogba of Saint-Etienne. 

It’s just perfect for television, media the UEL, pretty much anyone who might have a vested interest in this tournament getting more appeal and hence more profitability.

Thus, what a wonderful instance of serendipity that the totally blind, randomized draw yielded this pairing.

Yes, indeed just amazing how good fortune smiled upon the process that certainly in no way was manipulated at all by the human beings determining the match-ups. There’s just no way at all that is this could have been totally fixed. It’s all…well that’s enough sarcasm for today…


“We’re both determined players,” Florentin said of the bro vs. bro head-to-head, “If he is on a run and I have to tackle him, I’ll tackle him. I won’t knock him out but if I have to foul him I will do it.”

Dayum, as the millenials like to say, this is going to get heated. The smack talk has begun. Floretin continued, via the Daily Express:

“It’s something for the whole family to enjoy because I don’t know if it will happen again. My parents will have mixed feelings because whatever happens there will be one winner and one loser.

“However, there are two winners really because this game will be an unforgettable occasion. Who will my twin brother Mathias support? He will support his brothers.”


Mathias Pogba, who Floretin was referring to there, is a Sparta Rotterdam striker. Get ready! The Pogba cup should be a live one Thursday night.

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