Mourinho Lashes Out at the Schedule Makers for the Second Time this Week



Just a couple days ago, Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho said that his midfielder Paul Pogba, the world’s most expensive player, “does not give an ass” what anyone says about him. Today, speaking at his weekly news conference, Mourinho said “they don’t give an S,” they being the Premier League, in regards to balancing a team’s workload and schedule.

Mourinho did not use the specific expletive implied by the letter S, but simply said “they don’t give an S,” and you obviously know what S word he means there.


It’s the second time in as many days that the United Manager has lashed out at schedule makers, as Jose Mourinho also complained about the cards he and his team have been dealt schedule wise last night following the Europa League win over FC Rostov.

The special one said that the governing bodies in “every” other country have tried to help clubs competing in Europe when it comes to balancing the schedule between domestic fixtures and European ties.

Mourinho suggested that his Sunday noon fixture against Middlesbrough should be the last one of the weekend, preferably Monday night. Or, at the very least, much later on Sunday, as they are coming off a late Thursday night win over FC Rostov.

Mourinho referenced the current standards and practices in Germany, and also said that during his time as Inter Milan boss “it was decided that when the clubs go to the knockout stages of the Europa League and the Champions League, they play (league games) on the previous Friday.”

“Without them [the clubs in European competition] and their money, the Premier League wouldn’t be the Premier League — the clubs would not be so rich.”


Watch the Mourinho video over at this link.

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