Do Manchester United have something big brewing in transfer window?




This United article comes from Aayush Dureha

Manchester United have largely been unsuccessful in the transfer market this summer and haven’t made any substantial additions to the squad. Manager David Moyes and the new Chief Executive, Ed Woodward have taken some flak for being slow and for going after “unrealistic” targets.

United’s problems in the central midfield were well documented during Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign. Yet, the club managed to survive and continue its winning culture. With a new managerial staff in place, the solution to this problem has become a priority. However, the two bids made by the club for Cesc Fabregas in the range of £25-30mn have surprised many.

It is very difficult to price away a player from either of the two La Liga giants and especially when United has not matched the amount that FC Barcelona invested in the player. Add to that the paltry sum offered for Baines and Fellaini, and one wonders whether United is saving cash for a stellar acquisition.

The current United squad looks inferior to that of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but that is also because they’ve been missing a high-impact player for a while. However, for United, this search shouldn’t take a long time as they need not look further than their ex-hero, Cristiano Ronaldo. The player himself has expressed openness towards a move back to Old Trafford and if the Gareth Bale transfer goes through, we could be in for an interesting phase right before the transfer window is about to close.

Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United is not just media talk. The man who was responsible for getting Ronaldo from Manchester United, former Real Madrid president Calderon, has indicated that something could be on the cards. “It seems that Manchester United are interested in having him back,” Calderon told Sky Sports News.

“I know there have been talks where they have expressed interest. What we know is he [Ronaldo] is not happy at all with the attitude and behaviour of the president. At the start of last season, he tried to talk to the president about the renewal of his contract and the talks did not go well.”

Although the chances of Ronaldo heading back to United are very bleak, one may be inclined to draw a correlation between Manchester United’s needs, the club’s aspirations and the manner in which the transfer business has been conducted at Old Trafford this summer.

United have claimed in the recent past that they are financially capable of competing with the cash rich clubs backed by oil barons, and if this opportunity is presented to Manchester United as a consequence of Gareth Bale’s transfer, we could be hearing the chant “Viva Ronaldo” at Old Trafford come September.

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  1. I like the thought process. This could really happen :)

  2. paulmbanks says:

    hope so, we need something to liven it up

  3. Manchester united get Ronald back ASAP as we need to show that the club can get good players and if his wish to sell pay the price for him or even kaka he old but could be good for united

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