David Moyes admits: “mentally soft” “bad as it gets” “no idea”



David Moyes pretty much admitted everything you think. All the negative emotions and observations you have about Manchester United dropping what should have been a certain two points to bottom table dwellers Fulham Asked if he could have predicted United’s failings David Moyes said:


“Probably not. It’s been a bit like that this season but today was as bad as it gets.”

So Moyes realizes and admits that this is a new low in Old Trafford. The defending champions waived goodbye to their chances of defending the Premier League title long long ago. Yesterday, they said goodbye to their top four for Champions League chances.


“You could say that it was maybe mental softness that we didn’t see the job out. I would agree with that.”

You have no idea how United could have possibly lost a game where they dominated every stat except the one that truly counts, the score. You don’t know how the Red Devils could have lost to a near relegation zone side? David Moyes has no idea either.

“We dominated the game. Being one down was bad enough. The amount of attempts, chances and play we had was unbelievable. How we didn’t win I have no idea.

“You can have as much possession as you like. We should have scored more. You’ve got to try to keep making it work. The players tried that and eventually the goals did come.

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