Jurgen Klopp Says He Gave Players Chance to Skip Sunderland Match


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Due to the insane and pretty much unfair scheduling, Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp gave his players the option of skipping yesterday’s clash against Sunderland. None of them of course, took him up on the offer, but the end result was still disastrous anyway. The Reds dropped two points against one of the league’s worst sides (Sunderland), only 48 hours after taking all three versus a top four club (Manchester City).

The whole crazy sequence over the two day span exaggerated what everyone has been saying about the Reds- the inevitable, inexplicable roller coaster.

Klopp gave the team an opportunity to sit out the back half of the extreme fixture congestion, and let some guys get a rest. He was happy to learn that no player was interested in taking such a deal.


“I told the players if nobody wanted to play I would never speak about it and not tell anyone, but nobody came. That was a good thing,” Klopp is quoted by the BBC.

Sunderland are currently 18th, squarely in the relegation zone, and one point off a safety position. Liverpool are in second, five behind Chelsea, with the Blues having a game in hand.

Jurgen Klopp said heading into this match that fixture congestion, and all the severe issues that come with it, will not be any excuse.

“I will make a line-up when the medical department gives me the opportunity to,” Klopp said about his team’s match fitness status given the lack of the rest, during his prematch press opportunities.

In the post match news conference, Klopp said that he didn’t have any previous experience with this kind of situation- such a very tight turnaround between games.

“For me, it’s completely difficult to assume the game, because I have no experience — in situations like this, I have no idea what I could have expected from the performance side,” Jurgen Klopp said.

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  1. Harold Johnson says:

    I have said these severaly that Moyes is tactically deficient,decision making poor and his style has virtually killed the moral of the players such that leaving at the helm will damage the club beyond repairs even with any amount war chest available to him.It is sickening to continue to hear people saying that He will turn things around and should be given more time,while He continues to embarrass this great club.somebody should put his pride aside and do what is needfulrightful.I can bet my life that Sir Alex never envisaged all these when He nominated Moyes to replace him,enough is enough this man is clueless.

  2. In the know says:

    Can’t agree more why is Moyes still at our club if the men in charge can’t or won’t sack him perhaps it’s time they went as well. We as supporters can’t just sit back and let Moyes destroy our great club it’s time to be more vocal in our disapproval of what they are doing to our club

  3. A transition Team, with new manager and new personnel cannot achieve instant success. It has not been even one season and the fair-weather fans are already calling for the Manager’s head. Arsenal and its Manager have gone for so many years and have not won a single trophy! The least we real Fans can do is to wait a reasonable time or at least this season end, and then judge the results. I for one am willing to give Moyes two seasons before sacking him. Besides, the Players need to show they are worth the amount of money they et! We will see what they can do in the Champions League. If they are able to stop Bayer Munich and advance, a lot of people will be changing their minds. Let it be.

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