Everett Golson bashing: best of anti Notre Dame Gameday signs



Everett Golson, who isn’t even playing today, or even currently enrolled at Notre Dame, was the object of quite a few funny and hostile signs on ESPN College Gameday this morning. Remember Tweet to#GamedaySigns

Gameday anchor Chris Fowler mentioned a place with all the naughty signs, the ones that were confiscated. I don’t know where that is…Please tell us! Anyways, here are the best, and sadly also the worst of the ND bashing by Michigan Wolverines fans today. The Everett Golson signs were the funniest.

This was the best Everett Golson sign pictured below:


“Breathe if you Hate ND” <–clever, a lot of people will relate to this

“Missing: Manti Te’o Girlfriend, Everett Golson in Class” <– funny, and fair, deserved

“Lennay Kakua Nudes” (with arrows pointing at a blank space) <–a bit dated, but still good

“When the rivalry gets tough, the Irish get Going”

“Everett Golson Wears Crocs”

“Brian Kelly is STILL hoping Alabama doesn’t show up in the Second Half” <–remember, ‘Bama kicked Michigan’s ass really bad too though.

“Purdue is a bigger rival” <–LOL! Well played

Play Like a Chicken Today” <– there were a couple of these, and they were well done

“Rudy was Offsides” <– true, and there were at least three of these

“Rudy Indicted for Securities Fraud” <– Interesting angle. And not really heckling, as it’s a simple fact. He had to pay $382,000 in damages

“Brian Kelly is Fat” <– stupid, but still worth mentioning

“Everett Golson Can’t Read This Sign” <– not true, bad form. WAY below the belt, and inaccurate

“Cluck of the Irish” <– nicely done


These last two are way over the line, and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to bring them up. The only reason I call attention to the idiot assholes who made these two is for the purpose of shaming them. Let’s hope the creators of these signs develop a conscience and sense of perspective.

“Hi Lizzy Seeberg” <– disgusting and tasteless, I hope someone finds this guy and gives him his come uppance. Terrible. Horrible. How did ESPN not confiscate this? At least no one made a Declan Sullivan sign.


“Potato Famine” <– this is even worse. Over a million people died between 1845-52. Is a 161 years “too soon?” Yes, a vegetable fungus causing a genocide is never funny. Period. How did this one get allowed?

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  1. What is the exact reason for academic suspension of Everett Golson? It all the articals I have read it is listed as poor academic judgement. What is that?

  2. According to a tweet I saw from a Blue and Gold Illustrated writer, he supposedly did not record a grade in Accounting class. And allegedly missed class too much

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