PHOTO: Brady Hoke has interesting nicknames for Michigan opponents



Brady Hoke has an interesting take on his 2014 Michigan Wolverines schedule. Like many coaches, he has the postseason destinations already assumed, as both the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl appear on the schedule. As if it’s a foregone conclusion that Michigan is already headed there.

That’s not unique, a lot of college football coaches do that in order to motivate their employees. What’s unique about this is the nicknames Brady Hoke chose for three teams on the schedule.

Other than App St., Michigan St. and Ohio St., everyone else appears by their proper name. The Appalachian State moniker is funny; well played Brady Hoke. It obviously references the infamous upset from 2007 in Michigan Stadium. And State is just an affectionate term for the Spartans. MSU people, Michiganders in general all use it.

As for Ohio, I think Brady Hoke is just trying to instill in his players the enormity of the rivalry- it’s like UM is taking on the entire Buckeye state, not just THE Ohio State University.


No Brady Hoke doesn’t mistakenly believe that he’s playing the Bobcats of Ohio University that day. And of course, tOSU is well known for not using the name Michigan. The school’s Sports Information Department routinely refers to Michigan by Woody Hayes’ famous “that school up north” during game week, and we’ve seen game notes and programs without any Ms in them.

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  1. The last time Hokie confused Ohio and OHio State, The Ohio Bobcats trampled Michigan in the NCAA tournament. Keep it up and welcome to Brohio.

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