Johnny Manziel draft stock falling like MSNBC ratings



Is Johnny Manziel number one overall NFL Draft pick material? I thought so. I don’t think so today. The biggest problem with Manziel is his height. Johnny Manziel’s lack of height could make him Rex Grossman or it could make him Drew Brees. You never know.

However, Brees and Grossman never had character issues like Johnny Manziel. The Texas A&M signal caller has all college football season to turn it around. Then he has all NFL Draft combine season to compensate for his red flags. SEC Media Day begins today!

Johnny Manziel takes the microphone on stage tomorrow!

Buckle up; this should be good.


From Georgia Sports Craze:

Most recently, Manziel attended the Manning Passing Academy (informally known as “Manning Camp”), where many a successful young quarterback has learned a thing or two, and worked on the finer points of their game. He was reportedly asked to leave camp by Archie Manning, which was then followed up by a statement from Manziel that he simply left because he was “feeling ill” (dehydration according to Manziel’s father). Pictures and tweets of his escapades during the nighttime hours seemed to show otherwise.

A spokesman from the Manning Camp released the following statement:

“Johnny Manziel did participate in some activities in the 2013 Manning Passing Academy as a college counselor/coach. After missing and being late for practice assignments, Johnny explained that he had been feeling ill. Consequently, we agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest for him to go home a day early.”

Now, according to ESPN’s Joe Schad, the Texas A&M staff has advised Manziel to come clean and be honest about the dismissal from the camp.

The ubiquitous apology and follow-up tweets will undoubtedly show up shortly thereafter.

Manziel has a a huge follow-up act to do in 2013, being as the only things he really didn’t accomplish in 2012 were an SEC championship game appearance (and victory), an appearance (and victory) in a BCS bowl, and of course, the elusive BCS National Championship.

Definitely read all of Michael Collins’ take on Johnny Manziel; it’s very interesting, informative and thought-provoking


Obviously, Johnny Manziel has had a lot handed to him all at once; at a very young age. It all adds up to a situation where he could become “million dollar arm, ten cent head.” I think it’s pretty clear he’s going to leave Texas A&M after this year. His tweets and his situation seem to mandate he declares early for the NFL Draft. Manziel can’t even handle being on campus to take classes. Too many people are fawning over him down there. He’s the first freshman to ever win the Heisman. Johnny Manziel has said over and over again that his life completely changed the moment he won that trophy.

Okay, sure we get it, there’s a lot of pressure. So what’s he supposed to do in the NFL? When he’s the face of a rebuilding NFL franchise? Johnny Manziel plays the most high profile position in all of sports, he plays for a big name school in the most FOOTBALL INSANE part of the country/conference. He signed up for this. If he can’t handle the heat now, how will he deal with the even brighter spotlight in the professional ranks? What NFL GM is going to wager his job/professional reputation on a wild card like Johnny Manziel?

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