Jalen Rose says Tom Izzo to the Detroit Pistons, why he’s wrong



Jalen Rose isn’t the only media member claiming the Detroit Pistons are going to make a move for Tom Izzo. However, he’s the only name brand pundit doing so. Is he right? Probably not! Why is he saying it? Because it’s silly season and these types of stories move the needle. Jalen Rose and Avery Johnson did a conference call with the media yesterday to promote the Miami Heat versus the Indiana Pacers on ESPN.

I was on that conference call and I was going to ask Jalen Rose about the Tom Izzo “story.” However, someone beat me to it. Here’s the transcript.


Q. Jalen Rose, you mentioned in your podcast that Tom Izzo could potentially be going to the Pistons. Now there are reports out that one of the Pistons owners could be making a push for Tom Izzo. What initially gave you that inkling that he could be going to the NBA?

Jalen Rose: Just being in the know, being in the loop, and really following both sports intimately. And watching how I see he has recruited recently. If you notice, most of the top schools, Kansas come to mind, Kentucky, and now even Duke, they’re doing more recruiting than what we consider the one-and-done type prospects.

“You notice that Tom Izzo hasn’t gone heavily after those prospects. It seemed like to me he was gearing up for one last run. So Payne who is a senior, Appling, also a senior, Harris who is probably going to be a lottery pick — those three guys are leaving. Based on what I see recruiting-wise, that almost leaves the cupboard bare.”

“It would make sense, because the owner of the Pistons went to Michigan State. Tom has flirted with the NBA in particular with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the past. Those owners, the Gores, as well as Dan Gilbert, both have Michigan ties as well as Tom. So it would almost make sense for everybody involved to engage.”

“So I can’t tell you who actually told me, but I knew it was going to come to fruition. It’s a realistic chance that it may happen.”

Michigan Fab 5-jalen-rose

Yes, Pistons owner Tom Gores is an MSU alum, and likely very proud of Izzo, but B.F.D. That’s not merit “enough” reason to believe to believe Izzo is leaving. That is really desperately grasping at straws. Tom Izzo may leave rumors come up every March. Part of this is Izzo’s fault for being so candid with the media. He’s been an open book this year at press conferences. He tells it like it is. Even more so this year.

So Jalen Rose may have a point or two. There is some legitimacy to his argument. But the recruiting talking point is laughably stupid. We’re all dumber for having heard that “rationale” by the Michigan Man as justification for Izzo leaving. Maybe Jalen Rose, and those who believe his rubbish have watched this Izzo interview with SI.com’s Michael Rosenberg last month a few too many times.

This is a non-starter. There’s no there there. Not happening. Rubbish non-story.

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