Is current slump worrisome for the St. Louis Cardinals?

St. Louis Cardinals

Rookie pitcher Carlos Martinez was asked to do a lot in his first career major league start with the St. Louis Cardinals Thursday night. Martinez needed to pitch well enough to split a series with the red-hot Los Angeles Dodgers, save the arms in the bullpen, and give the offense a chance to compete against a successful import from Japan.

Maybe next time, kid.

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Boston Red Sox owner now owns the Boston Globe


The New York Times Company,  has sold The Boston Globe and its other New England media properties to John W. Henry, principal owner of the Boston Red Sox. So now you have the main Boston paper covering the Red Sox, one of the most high profile Boston teams, owned by the Boston Red Sox.

Conflict of interest anyone?

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Chicago White Sox in better shape after trade deadline

Sexy White Sox fan

The Chicago White Sox moved three players before the July 31 trade deadline, and are better off for it.

Matt Thornton and Jake Peavy were moved to the Boston Red Sox, and Jesse Crain is now a Tampa Bay Ray. Double-A prospect Brandon Jacobs and Detroit Tigers #2 minor leaguer Avasail Garcia were the prized pieces in the deals to Boston. Crain’s move will bring back a player at a later date.

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Red Sox acquire Jake Peavy from White Sox


The Boston Red Sox sent Cleuluis Rondon, J.B. Wendelken, and Francellis Montas to the Chicago White Sox; OF Avisail Garcia was traded from the Detroit Tigers to the Red Sox to the White Sox. So it’s a three team deal: Red Sox, White Sox, Tigers.

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White Sox Trade Rumors (Peavy, Rios, Ramirez)

Jake Peavy Chicago White Sox

As the July 31st Major League Baseball trade deadline looms, the White Sox are expected to move at least a couple of players including starting pitcher Jake Peavy.

What are the latest rumors? The Sportsbank has you covered.

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Milwaukee Brewers t-shirts celebrate Ryan Braun “Innocence”


“I’m not that innocent.” Those are the words of the noted Southern American philosopher Britney Spears. And the phrase applies to Milwaukee Brewers slugger and 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun.

But Ryan Braun is innocent when it comes to PEDs. Or at least he’s not guilty. And a t-shirt company appealing to Brewers fans has something to say about it- using the medium of cotton and polyester.

They released these t-shirts in April of 2012. They probably feel pretty stupid about Ryan Braun today.

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L.A. Dodgers Yasiel Puig makes INSANE throw (video)


Los Angeles Dodgers newcomer Yasiel Puig has taken MLB by storm this summer. In a sport that lacks a true “poster child,” Puig might just develop into that iconic figure. And Puig could become that definitive superstar sooner rather than later.

The L.A. Dodgers rookie sensation made a 280 foot throw (distance according to MLB Network) that was just insanely perfect from deep in right field of Nationals Park. Also, it was Bryce Harper who Puig attempted to throw out at third base. (Jayson Werth hit the deep flyball).

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Top Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley: big OU Sooners fan


As we’re just two weeks away from the MLB Trade Deadline, we’re looking at some of the biggest MILB prospect names that will be brought up by MLB GMs. Not saying any of these guys will be traded, but all of them will be talked about. Some are actually on the table; others are not. And yes, watching Low A baseball is WAY BETTER than watching the ESPYs. No question.

Archie Bradley was the seventh overall pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2011 MLB Draft. He was also committed to the University of Oklahoma to play both baseball and football. Quite a tough decision to make, Sooners or D’Backs?  Rather Bubba Starlingesque.

Bradley picked the Diamond. He’s currently with the Mobile BayBears. Archie Bradley is rated #1 in the Diamondbacks system, #20 overall in MLB and the #10 RH Pitcher.

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Chicago Cubs 300 lb prospect Daniel Vogelbach slims down, remakes himself

In June of 2011, an 18 year kid named Daniel Vogelbach was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the second round of the MLB amateur draft. The high school first baseman was listed as 5’11″ 285. However, in the pics we saw of him, he looked pretty close to three bills. But we thought hey, Daniel Vogelbach can hit a ton.

The Cubs claimed right after the draft that he dropped 40 pounds off what he was listed on the scouting report I quoted. Vogelbach throws right and bats left. In the video after the jump you’ll see that he has slimmed down to 240ish.

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St. Louis Cardinals ready for another postseason run

Tan Cardinals fan

The St. Louis Cardinals are in another playoff race? Did not see that coming. Despite having to replace three starting pitchers and one of the better closers in baseball due to free agency and long-term injury, the Cards have the best record heading into the second half of the 2013 season. Not only has the pitching been good, but the offense continues to be one of the best in the majors.

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Second half looks bleak for Chicago White Sox

Hot white sox girl

The Chicago White Sox are heading into the All-Star Break with their worst record since 1989. The team has been tough to watch, and the next four days off gives the players and fans time to forget about the first half.

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Red Sox reporter Jenny Dell: when she’s returning and why she left


I’ve been seeing this a lot lately in the search string referrals: “Where’s Jenny Dell?” “What happened to Jenny Dell?” “Red Sox Jenny Dell” or “NESN Jenny Dell.” Search strings are the terms you enter into Google or Bing to reach a certain website. So whenever I see a pattern driving traffic here, I seek to give you the answers you desire.

The NESN personality might be the new Erin Pageviews. Erin Andrews jumped the shark a couple years ago, and Jenn Brown and Charissa Thompson never reached that same level of SEO Gold. But Dell just might get there someday.

Here’s the scoop on Jenny Dell.

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