MVP Justin Jackson Dominates Pinstripe Bowl; Leads NU to Victory

pinstripe bowl

With his MVP performance in the Pinstripe Bowl, it seemed like Northwestern running back Justin Jackson took the lyrics of Alicia Keys to heart.

You know some of the more motivational lines from “Empire of State of Mind,” her power ballad about New York City:

“Now you’re in New York….there’s nothing you can’t do…these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you!”

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Koji Uehara: Meet the Chicago Cubs New $6 Million Man

koji uehara

On Wednesday afternoon the Chicago Cubs announced the newest member of their pitching staff- Koji Uehara. The right hander signed a one-year contract for 2017 reportedly worth $6 million. Thus Uehara, 41, is literally the six million dollar man. He’s the Lee Majors of MLB I guess.

His deal also includes a very interesting perk:

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Kyle Schwarber SCHWARB-O-METER Donated to History Museum

kyle schwarber

Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber is only 23 years old, but he’s already made history several times. The fourth overall pick out of Indiana in 2014, Schwarber has a couple Babe Ruthian qualities to him. Like Ruth, he’s a World Series champion who achieved one of the most iconic home runs in Wrigley Field history with a monster blast.

He was the first to top the scoreboard in right field with a home run jack, and that ball currently still resides there, encased in glass.

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Five Most Popular Chicago Cubs Stories of 2016


You have no doubt what the Chicago sports news story of the year was. Actually, it was THE sports news story of the year, and such a big freaking deal that it was also a pop culture and hard news story.

Yes, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in early November, for the first time in 108 years. Thus, the Chicago Cubs owned the sports news cycle of the past year and inspired us to kick off our “most popular stories of the year” segment about a week or two early in 2016.

The Cubs, because of their monumental accomplishments, lead off the series this year (numbers beside each link and headline denote total page views, click where highlighted to read the story).

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Inevitable Aroldis Chapman Deal Domino Falls After Jorge Soler Trade


All the dominoes are falling in the Chicago Cubs hot stove, but there will still likely be more to come yet.

It’s also having ripple effects on the south side of town, as the White Sox have been extremely active. You knew the Jon Jay signing would lead to at least Cubs outfielder, if not two, being shipped out of town. We’re still awaiting the departure of Dexter Fowler to become official, but Jay’s arrival makes it seem even more inevitable.

Across town earlier today, the Chicago White Sox absolutely fleeced the Washington Nationals in their deal for Adam Eaton, and when you saw the price the Nats paid, you can bet that Fowler is going to get way overpaid as well.

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Cubs Outfielder Jon Jay vs United States Founding Father John Jay


When the Chicago Cubs announced the signing of outfielder Jon Jay this past Tuesday, I paused before Tweeting the news. I thought about how everyone else who received this press release will take it, and what they’ll do to disseminate the news via the micro-blogging platform.

I decided to be different, and put a creative spin on breaking the news. Unfortunately, the joke may have been a little too highbrow and the reference too obscure for most people as the Tweet was met with mostly crickets chirping.

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Cubs Co-Owner Todd Ricketts Named to Donald Trump Cabinet Position


TD Ameritrade Founder Joe Ricketts donated $1 million to the Donald Trump Presidential campaign. Today, that favor is returned to the family in an obvious display of political logrolling with Chicago Cubs co-Owner Todd Ricketts being given a Trump Presidential Cabinet position.

According to Jennifer Jacobs, Political Reporter for Bloomberg News, Ricketts will be named Deputy Commerce Secretary. He’ll report to the new Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross.

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Chicago Cubs Release 2017 Spring Training Schedule

chicago cubs

Just 96 days until the Chicago Cubs begin exhibition play. With the World Series title, it’s the shortest offseason in Chicago Cubs history. Just after 2 pm central today, the Chicago Cubs released their 2017 Spring Training schedule.

The listing of all 37 game is here for you below. All games are scheduled to start at 1:05 p.m. Arizona time unless otherwise denoted (start times still subject to change).  Cubs split squad games are denoted with an (ss).

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Jake Arrieta Hurt Himself as well as Fanbase with Hostile Tweet


UPDATE: Jake Arrieta explains the Tweet in his own words.

We can debate until we’re Cubbie blue in the face what Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta truly meant with his bizarre, hostile Tweet. All we know for sure is:

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NIU Football at White Sox Park: How it all Turned Out


Whether it’s Comiskey Park or U.S. Cellular Field or Guaranteed Rate Field, the song title changes, but the melody remains the same. It was college football not Major League baseball at Sox Park tonight, but it didn’t help ticket sales. This was the very first event, a NIU football game versus MAC conference rival Toledo, held under the new name Guaranteed Rate Field, but attendance was just as poor as it usually is for White Sox home games.

It was a very entertaining and exciting contest, in which NIU led an overwhelming majority, but went on to lose 31-24.

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NIU Football vs Toledo at White Sox Park: Game Preview


All season and pre season we looked ahead to this one. On the 2016 NIU football schedule, it’s “circle the date” time and it comes Wednesday. Yes, the day after tomorrow, November 9th, the Huskies will take on MAC powerhouse Toledo, in their only game this season that has its own brand name- the “Chi-Town Showdown.”

It’ll be at U.S. Cellular Field, Guaranteed Rate Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Chicago White Sox.

By the way, Twitter really had a lot of fun at the expense of the White Sox and their stadium name change. You can see the best those over at this link. 

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Chicago Cubs Fans, What is the New Quest? What Comes Next?

chicago cubs world series

Most Chicago Cubs fans would never probably admit this, but I’m sure many have pondered it already. “What if/when we win, what’s our identity then?” “What’s the new Holy Grail going to be?”

A friend of mine, on our group text message thread that we’ve been running consistently throughout the postseason (it absolutely exploded last night when I was at Clark and Addison for the victory celebration; not sure I’ve ever received that many texts all at once) worded the question this way:

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