IlliNation Show 6: Chicago Now Cubs Den Flashback, John Arguello Tribute

chicago now

John Arguello was a Chicago Now teammate of mine from 2010-2014. His passing hit me very hard, just like it affected everyone who knew him. Arguello founded Cubs Den, on the CN network of blogs, and it will continue publishing regularly, and thus Arguello’s creation now outlives him after he’s gone.

You should check out this GoFundMe page, which has already surpassed its fundraising goal by $2,730 and growing each day.

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Steve Bartman Obtains One Ring but Zero Reconciliation


By Ross Adams

Steve Bartman didn’t deserve the hotdog of despair slathered in chance and circumstance he was force fed that night at Wrigley Field. He didn’t deserve the extra coating of ketchup fellow Cubs fans added to it through public shaming and even death threats.

He didn’t deserve the indigestion that followed- the catastrophic life change and years of hiding “underground” fearing for his safety. He just didn’t deserve it, and none of us can imagine what he went through. However, we’ve all eaten a hot dog we shouldn’t have, and if you’re reading this- congratulations, you’ve survived.

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Upcoming Rosemont Baseball Team Believes Minor League Market Is Not Saturated

rosemont ballpark

It’s imperative, when you’re a minor league baseball franchise, to get way outside the box with your promotions. With over 200 minor league baseball teams in the United States, you’ve got to make major waves by being original, in order to get noticed by the media and publicity industries.

“As long as it’s legal, and in good taste, we’re going to do it,” proclaimed Shawn Hunter, co-owner of the not yet named minor league Rosemont baseball team.

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Forbes: Chicago Bears 16th Most Valuable Team in the World, Cubs #18

In summarizing the Chicago Bears consistent recent ineptitude, the legendary Dick Butkus concluded: “It’s embarrassing. I don’t give a damn (about) the draft or whatever; there’s no reason we should be in this situation, one of the best franchises.”

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2017 Chicago Cubs Have More Similarities to 1985 than 2004 Team


Your 2017 Chicago Cubs have been sometimes compared to the 2004 version, perhaps the most detestable edition to call 1060 W. Addison home. Now let’s not say things in the heat of the moment that we can’t later take back.

Sure, there are similarities to that squad, but Cubs history has a more appropriate lesson to teach us nine years prior.

The current team is 43-45 and tied with the hated St. Louis Cardinals for second place in a very watered down NL Central Division. Both the Cubs and Cards are 5.5 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers at mid-season, and if this was any other division, and if the Cardinals were having a usual Cardinals campaign, then this year’s already over and we’re moving on.

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Albert Almora Says He Did Not Give President Trump the Middle Finger

albert almora

The Chicago Cubs visited the White House for a second time yesterday, and this time the occasion had very limited media access. Limitations aside, this photo of Cubs outfielder Albert Almora seemingly extending his middle finger, albeit downward emerged and briefly created some uproar.

Of course, if Almora was actually “flipping the bird” to President Trump, he would have had his hand turned upward, not downward. Have a look:

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Cubs Sign 2017 First Round Pick Brendon Little for $2.2m ($2.373m Slotted)


Brendon Little has the best curveball in the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft, says Peter Gammons. Well, you could call that a $2,373,000 million curveball now, as the Chicago Cubs just announced the signing of their 2017 first round pick. Little was taken with the 27th overall pick on June 12th. Major League Baseball refuses to release monetary amounts, but it’s being widely reported that Little is getting $2.2 million, with $2,373,000 slotted.

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Melisa Reidy, Addison Russell’s Wife, Files for Divorce and Won’t Talk to MLB Investigators

Melisa Russell, will soon be Melisa Reidy again, as she’s filed for divorce from husband and Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell. The couple is breaking up after just one year of marriage. The law firm representing Melisa Reidy issued a statement Wednesday announcing that divorce proceedings between the two parties had begun.

Reidy said she won’t meet with Major League Baseball to discuss the domestic abuse allegations against Addison Russell. There are no legal charges facing Russell, but there is an ongoing investigation being conducted by MLB.

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Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs Dominate ESPY Nominations

kris bryant

Kris Bryant followed up his National League Rookie of the Year Award winning 2015 with a NL Most Valuable Player clinching 2016. He was an All-Star both years and won (along with the rest of his Chicago Cubs teammates) the World Series in his second season. You may have heard a thing or to two about the Cubs winning the World Series, it was on all the home pages.

All this success had led to Kris Bryant and company dominating the ESPY nominees list, which just came out today.

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Chicago Cubs CF Albert Almora is a Great Friend to Shelter Dogs, PAWS

albert almora

There’s a shelter pet out there who would love to meet you. With rescue cats and dogs, it’s really hard to say whether it’s the human being who truly saves the animal, or vice versa.

Tomorrow will see Chicago Cubs centerfielder Albert Almora, along with his wife Krystal, participate in an event entitled “Intentional Walk” with PAWS Chicago. The event’s goal is to raise awareness about the need to walk dogs at local animal shelters.

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Synopsis of Chicago Cubs First Round Draft Picks Brendon Little, Alex Lange


The Major League Baseball Draft isn’t like the NBA Draft or NFL Draft when it comes to the level of excitement that it generates. It’s really more on par with stamp collecting in that regard.

As Nelson Muntz would say, “stamp collection! Haw-Haw!”

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2017 MLB Mock Draft 6-12-17 FINAL


Welcome to 2017 MLB mock draft

The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop shop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2018 NFL mock draft, 2017 NBA mock draft, (NBA mock round two). and 2017 NHL mock draft (coming soon).

The Major League Baseball Draft is Monday June 12th in Secaucus, New Jersey, live on MLB Network.

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