NFL Executives Take Issue with Colin Kaepernick Protest

Green Bay Packers Feel the Pressure to Win Super Bowl

Aaron Rodgers Ripped by Brother Jordan Rodgers to Jojo Fletcher


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has won both a Super Bowl MVP and a league MVP Award. He will not however, win the “World’s Best Brother” Award from little brother Jordan Rodgers. Last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” saw Jordan openly criticize his big brother to JoJo Fletcher, the title character on this “reality” series that we all know is just oh-so-real.

Jordan Rodgers, one of JoJo Fletcher’s four finalists, let her know who she would be meeting in his family should she decide to select him for one of the hometown “dates” next week. (You’re just on pins and needles waiting to hear, aren’t you?)

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Ten Most Popular NFL Stories Ever: Happy 4th of July!


Happy Independence day everybody! Baseball has the nickname “the national past time,” but that moniker was bestowed upon the sport a very long time ago. That designation is very outdated, as the NFL is truly king in America. As the great Bob Costas said, at a time when everything is in niches, the NFL cuts across all demographics.

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2016 NFL Mock Draft 4-28-16 FINAL


Happy Draft Day!!!! This will be our penultimate 2016 NFL mock draft update, with the final version coming late this afternoon.  To get you ready for the draft, here’s a list of 40 NFL Draft buzzwords, catch-phrases and cliches that you’ll hear tonight, and all weekend, from the TV network draftniks.

“He can make all throws when you put him in space a hand in the round guy road grader space eater people mover who plays faster than his tape.”

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Green Bay Packers 2016 NFL Draft Mocksourcing

green-bay-packers season preview

Green Bay Packers fans, Be sure to check out the Walter Football 2016 NFL Mock draft database, now with 262 mocks included. It’s the biggest and best mock database on the whole world wide web. With their help we did some “Mocksourcing.” you know like “Crowdsourcing” or “Twittersourcing.”

Complementing our own mock, we choose a few select mocks that we know have a great track record of being accurate. We only included mocks done by draftniks that we’ve worked closely with enough to trust the integrity of their work.

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Boomer Esiason rips DeSean Jackson; calls him lazy


When Skins receiver DeSean Jackson left Philadelphia, the rift with then Coach Chip Kelly made national headlines. So who’s the jerk in that situation? Or are they both jerks? Or is one of them actually a nice guy? Some people even think Chip Kelly is racist now due to, a few people but mostly DeSean Jackson.

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Deion Sanders jumped the shark forever this weekend


Deion Sanders may have slipped into the Allie LaForce/Mark May Zone over the weekend. When an individual who’s paid very handsomely to be an articulate expert in their field says enough stupid things, the compounded effect renders their credibility gone forever.

With CBS’ LaForce you had the infamous “Milwaukee is 90 miles west of Chicago” plus “OMG! Look at this brand new, cutting edge technology- oxygen tanks on a football team’s sideline! What a time to be alive.” How can you listen to anything she says these days and treat it seriously.

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Aaron Rodgers gets RIPPED by Boomer Esiason

aaron rodgers

On tonight’s episode of NFL MONDAY QB on CBS Sports Network, Boomer Esiason had this to say about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as they head into their postseason road contest at the Skins:

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2016 NFL mock draft 12-8-15


This 2016 NFL mock draft order is loosely based off the order derived at SB Nation. They took current record plus strength of schedule into account. We then made a few changes based on how current injuries could impact the team and their final season record.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account. We played fast and loose with that because it’s still quite early. So many of these picks are “Best player available.”

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Eddie Lacy’s future with the Packers is rocky


It would certainly appear that the Green Bay Packers have some buyer’s remorse regarding their drafting of running back Eddie Lacy in 2013. His NFL career is still very young, but he’s already put up the trifecta of underachieving on the field having some issues off the field, and showing up to camp out of shape.

It doesn’t seem like he’s long for this Packers world, and you wonder how many more NFL chances he’ll get if when Green Bay decides to cut ties.

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Randall Cobb going crab-fishing on Chesapeake Bay (video)

Randall Cobb vs. Cardinals 2

Levi Maestro follows Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Randall Cobb as he goes through his offseason workout at the Under Armour facility in Baltimore with Cam Newton, heads out on the Chesapeake Bay.

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