Packers re-sign CB Sam Shields, four years, $39 million


The Green Bay Packers will keep Sam Shields in place next year as they try to revamp a beleaguered secondary. Pass defense was not exactly the Pack’s strong suit, and perhaps retaining Sam Shields will be a step in the right direction towards improving that. At least it does augment the concept of continuity on the defense.

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Ron Zook’s daughter stars in annoying, overplayed commercial (VIDEO)


Ron Zook, who just recently left the banking industry to return to coaching with the Green Bay Packers has a star in the making with his daughter. I know I know, I’m still getting over the shock that the financial markets didn’t utterly collapse upon news of Ron Zook leaving the world of finance in order to return to NFL football.

Anyways, the ad, which you’ve seen a zillion times already if you’ve flipped on your television in 2014, is the most annoying, irritating and overplayed advertisement on television right now.

Which means the soulless and humorless marketers behind it are doing their job.

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Green Bay adds Ron Zook to coaching staff

ron zook

Ron Zook works in a small local bank these days. A Gateway Bank branch in Ocala, Florida, as you no doubt have heard by now. Well, apparently those days will be coming to an end, as he’s joined the Green Bay Packers coaching staff as an Assistant Special Teams Coach, two NFL sources confirmed to ESPN Friday.

The Packers are expected to announce the official hiring later today.

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US Weekly claims Jessica Szohr dating Aaron Rodgers again


Actress Jessica Szohr, famous for her role on “Gossip Girl”  is supposedly the new main squeeze of the leader of the Packers. So much for the rumored Aaron Rodgers homosexual affair with his former trainer. For the week leading up to and after New Year’s, the entire world of web search users acted as if the possibility of Aaron Rodgers being gay was the most important thing in the history of humanity.

Well, Jessica Szohr has something to say about that. Or at least the publicist of Jessica Szohr does.

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Chicago Bears logo re-imagined as a European football crest, NFL badges

This comes to us from football as It’s every NFL team reimagined as a European football crest. Or “soccer” as we call it here in the United States. And it is AWESOME! That’s why it’s called “football as football” Every team more than one to choose from. I’ll lead with the hometown team the Chicago Bears of course, but we’ll include everyone here from the NFC North division in the NFL.

At the end, you’ll find the link to see the rest of the NFL football as football.

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Trent Dilfer sees Brett Favre in Johnny Manziel

brett favre johnny manziel

Is Johnny Manziel the next Brett Favre? That’s what Trent Dilfer, the game manager of all game-managers thinks. The ESPN analyst was evaluating Manziel’s draft stock, as actually all ESPN talking heads did, and he sees the ol’ gunslinger in there. Manziel officially officially declared today, even though we all knew he was going to since last summer.

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Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco: brutally honest playoff preview

Kaepernick vs. Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers hosting a wildcard playoff game at Lambeau Field seemed impossible to imagine just a month ago.

But here they are, welcoming the San Francisco 49ers in to the frigid cold for a shot at traveling to either Seattle or Carolina for a shot at the NFC Championship Game.

Can quarterback Aaron Rodgers build upon his monumental return by knocking off a 49ers team that has given the Packers all kinds of fits over the past two years?

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Aaron Rodgers and Emmanuelle Chriqui doing good work


Aaron Rodgers has been in the news a lot lately. Aaron Rodgers has been dominating search queries all week. You might say that topics relating to Aaron Rodgers have been blowing up the search engines ever since last Saturday. We’re not going to get into the reasons why. You already know. There’s been both on and off the field stuff.  Now we move on to a different Aaron Rodgers topic. More noble subject matter of a higher value.

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NFL playoffs seedings, schedule, tv info and kickoff times


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced minutes ago the NFL playoffs schedule of sites, dates and times for the Wild Card and Divisional Playoffs on January 11-12 (all times Eastern. Nope, this site is a Midwest thing! All NFL playoffs kick times are CENTRAL

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Website claims evidence which would confirm Aaron Rodgers gay rumors


Every time the Green Bay Packers are on national television, which is a whole helluva lot, Aaron Rodgers gay rumors explode on social media and in search engines. And the last 24 hours have been completely nuts with people constantly searching for  ” Aaron Rodgers gay, ” “ Aaron Rodgers gay rumors, ” “ Is Aaron Rodgers gay, ” “ Aaron Rodgers athletic trainer boyfriend ” and etc.

For the past two or three years I’ve written about this phenomena, which occurs every Sunday. Since last night, I’ve seen a season’s worth of activity regarding this rumor.

Why? Well, one website claims to have the evidence that will confirm all the Aaron Rodgers gay rumors.

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Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears: brutally honest preview

Bears vs. Packers preview

It’s the final week of the regular season and the winner of the NFC North comes down to the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears who have combined to lose 14 games this season.

The Packers are fresh off a disheartening loss at home to the stumbling Pittsburgh Steelers while the Bears are licking their wounds after a 54-11 shellacking courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Believe it or not, this is what sets up Championship Week from the cold confines of the upper Midwest.

Update: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will make his return from a broken collarbone.

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Why do so many people think Aaron Rodgers is gay?

Update: prominent website claims evidence that will confirm Aaron Rodgers gay rumors.

There are times when Aaron Rodgers looks like he might the best player in all of football. Not just the best QB, but the best NFL player alive.

And as usual, every time Aaron Rodgers is on national television, I look at this site’s traffic stats and I see two phrases “Aaron Rodgers Gay” and “Is Aaron Rodgers Gay?” driving more traffic to TSB. During the postseason these search numbers increased, peaking when the Green Bay Packers were in the Super Bowl; of course. Despite the women he’s been linked to, lots of people out there seem to think Rodgers is still a homosexual.

I’m telling you right now that we will not attempt to answer the question of Rodgers’ sexual orientation. I’m not even going to venture a guess about whether Aaron Rodgers is straight or gay. What I am going to do is present what we do know about his personal life, and ultimately why none of that has anything to do with why he’s an NFL MVP quarterback.

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