Dele Alli Banned for Three European Matches After First Career Red Card


Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli was reprimanded today, as he received his punishment for the first red card of his career. Spurs will be without Alli for their next three European matches. Tottenham crashed out of UEFA Champions League early, and then once relegated to Europa League, have since been eliminated from that competition.

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Ander Herrera Calls Zlatan Ibrahimovic a “genius,” that can also be “very annoying”


As it’s international break time, news is very slow, except for puff pieces and transfer rumors and gossip right now. What follows is about as puff piece as it gets, but it’s still fun and interesting for Manchester United fans everywhere. United midfielder Ander Herrera has hailed striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as “a genius.”

Ibra has been United’s main scorer this season, and only real genuine scoring threat. He moved to United on a free transfer this past summer from Paris Saint-Germain, and his acquisition has turned out much better than anyone expected. Zlatan seems to be aging like a fine wine.

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Lukas Podolski Defends Arsene Wenger: “He Built the club from nothing”


Arsene Wenger has guided Arsenal FC to three Premier League titles and six FA Cups, during his two decades with the club, but Arsenal have not won a league title since the 2003-04 season. Wenger has guided the Gunners to a finish in the top four (and thus UEFA Champions League) in each of the past 20 seasons, but he now faces long odds to continue that streak.

The team has encountered a very rough patch, and the supporter backlash against Wenger is stronger than it’s ever been.

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Minor League Pitcher Signs $3.4 Billion, 10 Million Year Endorsement Deal


No, this is not a headline from The Onion; or Sports Pickle.

It’s not a typo either, as those numbers you just read are entirely correct. The Windy City Thunderbolts are an unaffiliated minor league baseball club located in Crestwood, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago. Thunderbolts pitcher Clay Chapman has signed a $3.4 billion endorsement deal to be paid out over 10 million years.

That contract works out to $340 dollars a year, thus further validating what you already assumed when you clicked over here- this deal is nothing more than an egregious publicity stunt (but a very clever one!).

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West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur Tweet Statements on London Terrorist Attacks

For the third time since late 2015, a terrorist attack coincided with European football on international break. The Paris attacks on Friday the 13th, November 2015 included three explosions occurring outside the Stade de France.

France were playing Germany in an international football friendly at the time of the terrorist bombing. Another atrocity occurred in March of 2016 in Brussels, again during an international break, and yesterday’s Westminster attack occurred on the one year anniversary.

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Photos of Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal Players with their Dogs: Happy National Puppy Day


Today is a day to celebrate everything that’s adorable and lovable about dogs as we embrace the spirit of National Puppy Day. Yes, today is #NationalPuppyDay on this Thursday. Here we bring you adorable photos of three Arsenal players (Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey) with their lovable doggies, from social media as well as links to Tottenham Hotspur players Erik Lamela and Toby Alderweireld with their pooches.

On a related story, Gunners midfielder Santi Cazorla named his dog after Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Shaquille O’Neal Explains His Flat-Earther Comments

los suns jerseys

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal made some waves lately for his flat-Earther comments. Over All-Star weekend, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Kyrie Irving revealed that he believes the Earth is flat. To make matters worse, we also learned that Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green isn’t convinced the Earth is round. Green said even doubts the authenticity of satellite photos which convey the Earth’s shape.

The week reminded us of a few years ago when we learned L.A. Clippers superstar Blake Griffin is a creationist. So there you go- not one, but three big name NBA players who don’t believe in basic, pure science.

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Wenger Says Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil Contract Talks Delayed Until Summer


Arsenal FC is a definitely experiencing a time of great uncertainty right now. They have hit a low period which now sees them in serious danger of missing the UEFA Champions League, and relegated to the Europa League. Manager Arsene Wenger says he’s made up his mind about his decision to stay or not, but he isn’t telling anyone what that decision is.

Two of the team’s biggest stars, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, do not have long term deals, and the wait continues on extension talks. This has been an ongoing story for quite some time, as Ozil and Sanchez are the Gunners headliners, and supporters are getting anxious. [Read more…]

Chicharito Might Be Dropping Hints on Twitter that he Wants a Man United Return


Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez has said in the past that he never really got true chances at Manchester United, nor at Real Madrid. The star striker for El Tri and Bayer Leverkusen had an amazing first season in the Bundesliga last year, but hasn’t duplicated that magic this year.

The ex United forward was named by Jose Mourinho as one of three Red Devils that the current boss says he would have never sold. (The other two were Danny Welbeck and Angel Di Maria, and you can read the entire quotes at this link).

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Purdue Basketball: Sweet 16 Game Preview, Prediction vs Kansas Jayhawks

Purdue basketball player Spike Albrecht is 10-2 in NCAA Tournament play (5-1 at Michigan in 2012-13; 3-1 at Michigan in 2013-14; 2-0 at Purdue in 2016-17). Yes, the graduate student guard is a bit down on the depth chart.

He’s not a major minutes guy by any means. So why lead with Albrecht?

Well, he’s known for unexpectedly turning in a stellar performance, on a huge stage. He’s a guy who got it done when nobody saw it coming, and tomorrow night it’s that kind of situation for the Purdue Boilermakers.

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Jose Mourinho Discusses Difficulty of Buying Players from Rival Big Clubs

jose mourinho

Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho gave a fascinating and entertaining interview with France Football in which he said that we should now call him “The Calm One” (not The Special One anymore). Mourinho said that he’s matured, more at peace, and found more ways to separate football from the rest of the life.

Mourinho articulated the differences between Jose Mourinho the man and Jose Mourinho the manager, and you can read those quotes over at the link.

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 3-23-17


Time for another 2017 NFL mock draft update.

The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NFL mock draft, 2016 NBA mock draft, 2016 MLB mock draft and 2016 NHL mock draft.

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