Everett Golson admits humiliation from his suspension


Notre Dame starting quarterback Everett Golson is another example of the curse of the #5 jersey. See: Paul Hornung, Manti Te’o, Chris Kluwe, Venric Mark, Braxton Miller, Josh Freeman etc. etc. etc. As ND is now embroiled in the middle of another academic scandal involving key players crucial to the team success, Everett Golson reflects on his situation.

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VIDEO: Louis van Gaal winless Man United “not creating chances”


Remember when Louis van Gaal impressed everyone by dominating group play of the World Cup? And then finished and impressive third place? How about that time Van Gaal led Manchester United to an undefeated pre-season and an International Champions Cup title? Well, it’a all ancient history now as United blew an easy one at home to Swansea City in the opener, only earned a draw at Sunderland and got blow out of the building 4-0 by something called an MK Dons or something like that.

I can say without hyperbole, WTF?

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Liverpool vs Man City broke live streaming record


The Mario Balotelli Cup, or last year’s champion Manchester City versus last year’s runner-up Liverpool, #1 vs #2 in 2013-14 was extremely popular online and yet another example of how the English Premier League is really taking off worldwide. NBC Sports bringing it to the American audience is paying off big dividends as the game continues to grow.

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PHOTO: Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy mocked by pub banner


Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy goes through managers in a way that Charlie Sheen goes through drugs and prostitutes. Okay, I’m totally exaggerating, but you get the point. In under six months, we had three bosses: AVB, Tim Sherwood and Mauricio Pochettino, and this British pub poked fun at Spurs Owner Daniel Levy.

Thanks to Fark, one of the best news link sites in the world, for pointing this out.

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Northwestern, Illini football 2014 season prospectus


Lots of rapid fire and hot seat type of stuff as we enter week one for both the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Northwestern Wildcats. You have questions, I have answers. You can catch me talking Illini and NU every Tuesday morning at 10:40 AM CST.

Here’s my segment from this morning on KOZN 1620 The Zone, NBC Sports Radio Omaha. 

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Manchester United make Angel Di Maria signing official


Angel Di Maria has passed his medical and the signing is now official. Take a look at the club’s official Twitter account @ManUtd. You’ll notice the banner reading Angel Di Maria, welcome to Manchester United.  It’s just unfortunate that the whole buzz of this day is ruined by the disaster unfolding in the Capital One Cup versus MK Dons.

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Angel Di Maria signing sends Man United stock down 3%


It’s always interesting to see how big time Manchester United news affects the stock market, as the Premier League giant is the only sports franchise in the entire world that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  The signing of Angel Di Maria is about as huge news as it gets. It was leaked that he has passed his medical and the club will make an official announcement shortly.

So how’s the market reacting to this?

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Liverpool transfer rumors: Ohana, Leiva, Robinson, Coates


Mario Balotelli or @FinallyMario is finally done so who’s coming next to Anfield? Who is Brendan Rodgers going to jettison from LFC along the way? Let’s get this Liverpool transfer rumors party started.

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Allie LaForce, Tracy Wolfson part of new all female sports talk show

Obviously, Allie LaForce is moving up in the world. When CBS promoted Tracy Wolfson from college football to NFL broadcasts this spring, LaForce moved up to Wolfson’s former role. Now both LaForce and Wolfson will be a part of a ground-breaking new show entitled “We Need to Talk” debuting September 30th.

The program is the first-ever nationally-televised all-female weekly, hour-long sports show, airing in prime time. It debuts Tuesday, Sept. 30 (10:00 PM, ET) on CBS Sports Network.

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Cal Golden Bears vs NU Wildcats: brutally honest preview


Yes, we have real football again! FINALLY. College football begins in four days. Northwestern football is back! The Cal Golden Bears are back! The Big Ten is back! The Pac 12 is back!

And NU (remember it’s NU, STOP saying NW) vs Cal is one of the better games of this college football weekend. The spread is between 5 and 6 points, depending on who you talk to. Or don’t talk to. This is a family show here! The point is, most Big Ten and Pac 12 teams are loading up on cupcakes in week one, while Northwestern  and Cal Golden Bears are playing each other squad.

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Greg Gumbel on Jay Cutler, Bears preseason expectations


As we enter the 2014 NFL season, the main Jay Cutler story line is “will he earn his money?” and “what does he have to do to earn that $22.4 million this season?” He’ll be the highest paid player in the NFL season. Greg Gumbel is a national media figure, a play-by-play announcer for the NFL on CBS. He’s also a Chicago guy, having worked for WMAQ NBC5 Chicago before he went to ESPN.

I had a chat with Gumbel on Monday and one of the topics was major headline news. Take a look.

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New England Patriots Season Preview with Michael Irvin


So what does the 2014 season hold for the New England Patriots? Here to break it down is NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin. You pretty much know that the New England Patriots will own the division, but who will be the biggest threat?

It’s fitting that the NFL Network has both Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin as part of their on-air talent roster. Both of these phenomenal athletes helped define what today’s NFL truly is with their physical talents and outsized personalities.

Sanders (exclusive with Neon Deion here) and Irvin established the precedent of what a National Football League superstar must be in today’s mass-marketed, mass media landscape.

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